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Things to Do When You Are Facing Pandemic Burnout

Now that the pandemic has again hit our lives and routine, it’s essential to re-energize and recharge our batteries to overcome the situation.

Pandemic Burnout

Sitting at home for weeks, months can be daunting and challenging especially in such a time when pandemic has yet again hit our lives and routine. So, it’s important to re-energize and recharge our batteries to overcome this time with full strength. Let’s see some of the ways by which we can overcome pandemic burnout by simply implementing and trying some super easy things.

1. Bring Some Newness in the Routine

As everyone will be continuing their work from homes, it is essential to bring some change or newness in the routine to drive excitement while performing the daily chores. Try changing your routine and see what helps you with positivity and productivity. This helps explore new angles of self and interests.

2. Take an Evening Walk On the Terrace

If you have the convenience of a terrace, go on and enjoy a nice evening walk watching the birds fly or the beautiful sunset scenery from the comfort of your place. This will definitely make you feel good. Try listening to music and walking at the same time that will help you stay relaxed and exercised at the same time.

3. Meditation

Do meditation and breathing exercises daily to ease the nerves and calm your body to regain the lost energy. Meditation also helps you to ease the stress developed internally. Try changing the schedule of meditation and stick to the one working the best for you.

4. Try Gardening

Try gardening in your free time and enjoy being close to mother nature. The fragrance of fresh blooming flowers will not only make your day but also boost your mood.

If you don’t have the convenience of a garden, you can try exploring the same with even a pot or two or aqua plants. Try planting a few plants and experience life. Once you feel life in them, you get attached and experience a different perspective altogether. Every new leaf, bud, flower, fruit or growth will induce a positive spirit in you.

5. Play Some Indoor Games

Play some indoor games like chess, ludo, scavenger hunt or tambola to make your time enjoyable with your family members. Spend time with your family, get to know more about each other. Try staying away from digital gaming platforms for longer duration to avoid any unnecessary strain on your eyes. If there are kids in your homes, make them follow the same.

For Parents :
Many parents have this habit of giving smartphones/ tablets to kids even in homes and get fascinated when kids operate them or play games using them. This is not a good practice. It does more harm than good. Instead, encourage your kids with activities involving drawing, sketching, crafts, puzzles, reading, acting, singing, and other physical activities that help improve many skills in your child.

6. Learn Something New

Learn and do something new. It could be anything right from cooking, learning to play an instrument, to reading your favourite genre novel. You can also take a cue from credible news sources and learn or understand the market trends. Read interviews of leaders and get to know what are the current challenges. This information might be of some help to you to prepare for your next move. So, whatever excites you, give it a try that doesn’t necessarily require being productive.

7. Outdoor Movie, Bonfire Dinner

Try an outdoor movie, bonfire dinner in your garden or in the backyard of your house to bring a change in your routine. You can even clean your backyard and try peacefully lying down watching the sky during mornings or evenings. Try it, and you will experience a new feeling.

8. Pen Down Your Thoughts

Whenever you have time, just pen down your thoughts about the beautiful memories, moments and experiences that you had in your life. No doubt, this will make you feel super good from the inside. Not only thoughts, but you can also pen down your ideas and random views in your book. This will help you gather all your ideas and fine tune them for a better version. Let paper and pen be your best comfortable means anytime.

9. Change the Set-up of Your House

Sometimes, changing the outlook of your living room, bedroom or balcony can bring a good change and ultimately will give you a refreshing vibe. Try exploring different versions of the setup and stick to the ones comfortable.

10. Sleep on the Terrace Under Open Sky

You must try this. Sleeping on a terrace under the open sky while gazing at the stars will give you an amazing experience and a sound sleep. So, try this and wake up early in the morning without any alarm.

If you have the privilege of staying healthy and safe at home, consider yourself fortunate. There are devastating stories and experiences that we have been hearing. While everyone is fighting to overcome the same helpless situations, the last thing we are expected to do is staying safe in our homes while taking all the protective measures. The health of every individual matter the most now to contain the virus. Stay Home, Stay Safe.

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Written by Swati Mor

Pursuing her doctorate studies, Swati always looks for unexplored potential in different genres and love to pen down her thoughts. She also enjoys reading about gadgets, technologies, historical art and culture.


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