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Things To Do Before You Plan For A Child

Having a baby is a huge deal and there’s a whole lot more that comes with a baby than just the cute tiny human! If you are planning to have a child anytime soon, here’s a few things you should definitely do first!


Medical Check Up 

health check up

The first and foremost thing you should do see your doctor. It’s important to figure that your body is fit for a pregnancy. Your doctor will screen you and conduct a few tests to make sure all is good. If your vaccinations aren’t up to date, it’s a good idea to get that updated and don’t forget to make a trip to your dentist too! Pregnancy can take a toll on oral health sometimes.


Get Healthier

Once you’re done with a complete medical check up, chances are your doctor may prescribe you a few supplements to get you healthier. But that doesn’t stop there. It’s up to you to start leading a healthier lifestyle. Get fit, cut back on alcohol and smoking, start getting good sleep and cut down your caffeine intake.




While babies and kids don’t exactly mean the end of holidays and vacations, it does mean the end of a certain types of holidays – the one that involves partying, or crazy adventure activities or just a whole lot of romance! Besides, once the baby comes, an epic trip may not be all that affordable!


Save Up

Let’s be honest: Having kids is expensive! Plus, it’s not just the current expenses that need to be covered. You need to start saving up for the child’s education too! So make sure you’ve got some money in the bank before you decide to take the plunge into motherhood.


Have A Serious Talk

Both parents need to be on the same page while raising a child and you and your partner should sit down and have a serious talk on how you would like to raise your child. Also, if you two come from different cultures or upbringings, it’s even more important to discuss how you two want to raise your child.


Sort Out Roles & Schedules

Babies make a huge difference in schedules and while things obviously do not go as planned, it is important to have a little bit of clarity on roles and schedules as it can help you plan and prepare for the baby times up ahead, better.


Have A Little Fun


Go out for a midnight buffet, do cute breakfast dates, watch movies and just have a little fun. Of course, baby doesn’t mean no fun, but let’s be honest, once the baby comes, it’s going to be difficult to do such things.

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