Things to know before your first kiss

You think you have found the right guy and you are ready for your first kiss? Isn’t that a moment you have been waiting for long and have dreamt a million times about? However, let’s face it, we all get jitters when it comes to kissing for the first time.

The first kiss is never going to be perfect. That initial shyness, the awkward eye contacts, a kiss too short and quick, we all have gone through it. Having said these, that one moment is sure going to be a fairy tale moment and just to make it a little better, here are certain things one must consider.

  • Smell good and fresh

You sure don’t want him to put him off with foul breathe or body odor. Needless to say, brush your teeth well and use mouth fresheners. Put on a good body spray. Run away if he wishes to kiss you right after you had a kingsize hamburger! You sure don’t wish to taste like onions or burp right into his mouth! Yikes!Be Confident

Also, do not smoke or drink, as these tend to leave a foul breathe as well.

  • Moisturise your lips

Exfoliate your lips using a toothbrush before you leave for your date. Use lip balms to keep them supple. Avoid too dark a shade of lipstick unless you want your lipstick all over his mouth. Flavoured lip gloss is a good idea but make sure it’s not too sticky.Preety Lips

  • Look confident

Yes, those butterflies in your stomach are bound to flutter. Take is easy and slow and enjoy the moment rather than panicking and ruining it. Don’t rush into it. Make the move when both of you are ready. Make yourself comfortable in his company first. You confident body posture will make you look irresistible.Look confident

  • Eye contact

When you know the moment has come, look deep into his eyes. This will make both of you feel absolutely at ease with each other and let go of the tension. Smile a little.

  • The kiss

Keep it short and sweet. Not too short though. You don’t need to go all French the first time. Just a little parting of the lips, an intimate touch – so you can feel the taste of each other. Let him know you are game for more and withdraw. This will make him crave for you and the next time he kisses you, he wouldn’t wish to let you go.Kissing Guide.gfx

But please don’t forget to breathe and use your nose to do so! It’s so embarrassing to breathe like into your partner’s mouth!

  • The body contact

Hold him by his face as he draws you closer for the kiss. Don’t go all touchy and feely the first time lest he would feel you are desperate. The idea is to leave him wanting for more. But do reciprocate. don’t just sit there and let him do all the action.Tips to Kissing Guide

  • Do not bite

Not in your first kiss. Save all your vampire desires for later. Same goes for your tongue. Don’t use it yet. Son’t even open your mouth too much unless you want him to feel that you are ready to devour him!Do not bite

However, kisses are a very personal and intimate experience and no rule book can define the magic. Go ahead, experience this and feel the moment.

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Written by Swati Tewari

A dreamer, a reader...and a crazy party animal, who loves to write. Trying to create something different each time, looking at the road ahead, gazing at the stars, wondering what their smile says...

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