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Things I learnt From My Journaling Journey

If you’re planning to start journaling too, don’t forget to jot down your hurdles and pass it on to someone who might find it helpful!


Journaling is one of the methods known to help you cope with constant stress and anxiety and while it’s surely an effective tool, there are certain things that may come to you as surprising facts what many people won’t talk about. The entire task of getting your inner thoughts on paper is more than just jotting down what goes inside you and has more depth to it which many people learn in their own ways. This my list of surprising facts that became a learning curve for me and helped me to understand myself better!

Struggling With Consistency

While journaling is something that requires punctuality, you may find it a bit difficult in the beginning to create a flow with your journal entries. There were times where I struggled to find the time to fill up my journal but it eventually came to me. The struggle related to punctuality comes when we see it as a task and not something that helps us to box our thoughts and free us from unhealthy coping habits. The reaction to not being regular with journaling can also stem from your problem of accepting or denying the critical situation at hand. Overcome this by setting a time aside where you can focus only on yourself, centre your mind, write your journal, and treat it as something holy.

Sometimes You May Find Yourself “Empty”

It may happen that sometimes you see a particular question or deal with a situation that you may find difficult to write about. When I first came across this situation I was baffled. But soon I realised this is why journaling is so therapeutic. When you find yourself empty on a page, this is where you need to do some soul searching, look for answers, and go deeper into your thoughts. You may come across facts that you had no clue you were going through and this is where you need to put on the work.

Accepting Facts Hard to Digest

Journaling pushes you to think outside the box and discover parts about you that you might not have known existed if not for journaling. Some of us have build this defence mechanism of pretending the problem does not exist within us and it is always the external factors. While it may sound toxic but it’s not really that bad but just a way many of us use to protect yourselves. However, being aware of our true self is extremely important and thus acceptance is what helps us work through our issues to build a better version of ourselves. If you too are planning to start journaling be prepared that there might be some facts that you have to make peace with.

Everyone comes across a different set of hurdles on their journaling journey and just like them, mine made me stronger. If you’re planning to start journaling too, don’t forget to jot down your hurdles and pass it on to someone who might find it helpful!

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Written by Urvashi

With a degree in media science, I spend most of my time writing, trying to explore the content world with a wish to make it big someday!

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