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These 11 LGBTQ+ Beauty and Fashion Influencers Should Be on Your Radar

Pride Month is already underway, and we’re right in the thick of it. We like witnessing the festivities and tributes to the LGBTQ+ community on our social media timelines.

Pride Month LGBTQ+ Beauty and Fashion Influencers
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All the swag is in the LGBTQ+ fashion and beauty influencer scene. They live their lives loudly, and it reflects in their artistic pursuits. The LGBTQ+ community is and will always be at the forefront of the glam and fashion business, from setting trends to putting sassy twists on existing trends.

Pride Month is already underway, and we’re right in the thick of it. We like witnessing the festivities and tributes to the LGBTQ+ community on our social media timelines, so we chose to feature some of our favourite LGBTQ+ influencers to bring you into the mix.

1. Supe

Supe is well described by the Notorious BIG’s renowned rap statement, “to all my ladies in the place with elegance & grace.” Her sense of style is out of this world. She knows how to confidently wear the ideal suit, and she’s all about creating fashion statements.

2. Sesali

Do you want an account that tickles your fancy? Sesali has your back. This beauty is the one to see if you need a nice chuckle or a confidence boost. She’s a budding author and business mogul, and she’ll persuade everybody who follows her to light up!

3. Jenell

With Jenell’s account, you’ll be inspired to walk into your true self. She is a feminist who values femininity, culture, and all things heavenly. Her essays, lovely kimonos, and classic jewellery items all reflect her passion for those things.

4. C.Ross

C. Ross will provide you with your daily dosage of lifestyle. C. Ross is on it, whether it’s fashion advice, a pretty nail look, or a fitness tip. She will undoubtedly inspire you to live boldly and achieve your objectives…all while looking great, of course.

5. Tyra

When you visit Tyra’s Instagram account, you’ll be motivated to create. This stunning lady is a true artist, as evidenced by her homemade jewellery and unique flair. Tyra is your lady if you need a little push in the creative department or desire to accept who you are.

6. Carol

We love a good face beat, and Carol is an expert in the field of cosmetics artistry. GlowByCarol is her own product company, and she has every right to be because this wonderful lady emanates boss energy. If you’re looking for new beauty ideas or inspiration to create your own product company, follow her.

7. Elle

Elle is a fashionista, and her Instagram account is a publication. This is your influencer if you’re looking for all things gorgeous. Elle’s life is a work of art, from her stunning appearances to her exciting activities. She’s the go-to girl for all things fashion.

8. Christina

Christina would fly if she could be a person. Her laid-back style speaks for itself. Follow her if you’re looking for a nice vibe or ideas on how to outfit your beloved sneakers. If you’re looking for some style inspiration, you should probably check out her label Claire Xpressions. Her “Fashioned by God” trucker hats are a must-have for the summer season!

9. Duchess

When it comes to beauty, Duchess is a feeling. She has no boundaries, and her imagination is limitless! This is the gal to go to if you’re seeking cosmetics ideas. Her makeup looks fantastic!

10. Marshay

Marshay knows everything there is to know about beauty. This account is for you if you’re seeking the perfect hair care system or some advice on how to manage entrepreneurship while living your best life.

11. Marsha B

Marsha’s social media is full of good energy and stylish fashion inspiration. The senior editor of HelloBeautiful will encourage you to feel good and dress smartly at the same time!

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