The Lesser Known Facts About Irrfan Khan On His 51st Birthday

Irrfan Khan is one of those unconventional actors in Bollywood who carved their own paths without a godfather. He is undoubtedly the finest actor in Indian cinema. As he turns 51 today, we bring to you 10 lesser known facts about him.

1. His Real Name

The actor’s real name is Sahabzade Irfan Ali Khan. He changed his name because he wanted to make it short and memorable. He added an extra ‘r’ to make it sound better.


2. He Was About To Give Up Acting

Irrfan worked in a lot of TV shows from 1994 to 1998 and got bored due to the monotonous work. Had it not been for Asif Kapadia’s ‘Warrior’, he would have left acting a long time ago.


3. His Is As Tall As Amitabh Bachchan

Irrfan is At 6 feet, 1 inch, which is the same height as that of Amitabh Bachchan.


4. His Movie “Lunch Box” Is The Only Hindi Movie To Get Into Toronto Film Critics Association Award

His critically acclaimed film ‘Lunch Box’ is the only Indian movie till date to have got into Toronto Film Critics Association Award


5. He Turned Down ‘Interstellar”

Irrfan is known for his professional ethics and he does stand by his commitments. He turned down a big role in ‘Interstellar’ because he was required to stay in the USA for four months and Irrfan was already committed to ‘Lunch Box’ and ‘D-Day’ at that time.


6. Julia Robert Stopped On His Account To Compliment Him

It so happened that Julia Roberts stopped outside Kodak Theatre where Oscars were being held only to compliment Irrfan for his acting in ‘Slumdog Millionaire’.


7. He has been detained twice at Los Angeles Airport

Just because his name is similar to a terror suspect, he has been detained twice at Los Angeles Airport.


8. Irrfan Dislikes Meat

Even though he is born in a Pathan family, Irrfan doesn’t like meat. As a matter of fact, his father used to tease him saying, ‘he is a Brahmin born in a Pathan family’.


9. Acting Happened By Fluke

Irrfan always wanted to be a cricketer but his parents didn’t approve of it. It was by fluke that he was offered a scholarship to attend NSD (National School of Drama) and to get in, he lied about having past experience in theatre.


10. His One True Wish

Irrfan also has a wish to gift his mother a suitcase full of cash.


We wish Irrfan Khan a very happy birthday and hope all of his dreams and wishes come true.


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