The Hidden Emotions That Cause Kidney Problems

The muscles around the kidneys are connected to muscles throughout the body. Therefore, the whole body structure gets misaligned due to an imbalance in the kidney.

Kidney Problems
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To heal a problem, one must understand the root from where it first started. Located on the right and left sides of the abdomen, the main job of your kidneys is to cleanse the body of waste products and help the blood eliminate excess fluid as it filters through the kidneys. The kidneys also help balance and maintain the blood chemicals, control your blood pressure and maintain the health of your blood cells and bones.

A dysfunctional kidney can affect your whole physical structure. The kidney meridian directly impacts the psoas muscles, muscles attached to either side of the lumbar vertebrae with insertions into your upper thigh bones. They connect the upper and lower halves of the human body.

Effects of imbalance in the kidney:

An imbalance in the kidney meridian can cause pelvic pain or discomfort. The interconnectedness of the whole human body means any discomfort in the kidneys is followed by tension and discomfort in the upper arms and shoulders. The muscles around the kidneys are connected to muscles throughout the body. Therefore, the whole body structure gets misaligned due to an imbalance in the kidney.

The emotions that trigger kidney problems:

The kidneys can be seen as a pair of scales that attempt to keep balance. Equal in size and on either side of the abdomen with muscles that help balance the whole body. If our kidneys are dysfunctional, we can see the impact of that in our relationship with others. A kidney problem can reflect an inherited emotion, of being treated unjustly, by both or either parent. People with kidney problems tend to have a poor sense of judgement and tend to not make their own decisions regarding their needs. They have a strong desire to help others and are often easily influenced by what others have to say. Their sensitive and over-emotional personality further encourages their kidney problems.

A weak or diseased kidney indicates a lack of finding their inner power and resources that can help them deal with relations and situations. Such people are often quickly disillusioned and then disappointed when their expectations are not met. As a result, they tend to judge and criticise people often.

Your kidneys are the first to shut down when your body is traumatised, and an underperforming kidney can indicate the person is fearful of being alive and/or of disaster. It can also be fear related to their sexual needs and security.

To help your kidney’s heal, a person must allow themself to live according to their true nature and accept themself for who they are. Being gentle and forgiving of your mistakes and trusting the universe and Divine can help improve the health of your kidney. Just know and accept that you are safe because the Divine intends you to be safe.

(This article is contributed by Dr Priya Kaul – Spiritual Healer and a Life Coach)

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