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The Handloom Sarees of Bengal

The art of making certain sarees is unique to the state of West Bengal.

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India is a land filled with talent and every corner of this country has some exquisite thing to offer in particular leaving a mark of their identification which people come finding from all corners of the world. A saree is one such thing that holds its true place in India. The craze of donning a saree is quite evident in the country and even people outside India love and have no less craze to still in this piece of clothing. If you are buying a saree, India has a lot to offer but today we are here to talk about the rich, beautiful and elegant handloom sarees of Bengal. The art of making certain sarees is unique to the state of West Bengal. The hard work and creativity that goes into the creation of each make it even more worthy to discover and spread the word about it. 

The Handloom Sarees of Bengal:

1. Jamdani Saree 

The weaving of a jamdani saree can be very time consuming but the final result is nothing but perfection. This finely woven saree is lightweight, soft and very easy to drape because of its airy texture which makes it your perfect pick for a humid day. The designs on this saree are inspired by nature and take up geometric shapes. The weaving of this saree can take as long as six months to three years. 

Care: Maintaining a jamdani saree has more to it than just washing it. Along with dry cleaning the saree, you also have to store it properly to make sure it lasts and the trick to do so is by storing it in a clean plastic bag or wrapping in a cloth. 

2. Tant Saree 

Ideal for everyday use, a tant saree is extremely comfortable and affordable. A tant saree is made of cotton and is extremely light offering good ventilation. The design on the saree mostly has floral patterns and other designs inspired by modern art. A tant saree has a thick border and plain body with a slight design heavy pallu. 

Care: Since tant sarees are for everyday use, they do need constant care and attention when it’s come to maintenance to avoid wear and tear of the fabric. 

3. Kantha Saree

This popular embroidery form of West Bengal has made its presence both nationwide and worldwide. This famous embroidery originated in the Bolpur district of West Bengal and the talent and skills of the weavers are showcased via their designs on the cloth. The designs on this cloth have been inspired by the things in our sight in our day-to-day lives and everything is made manually without any compromise to deliver nothing but every yard of elegance. 

Care: Nothing in specific needs to be done to safeguard your kantha embroidery saree or other apparels other than basic hand-wash or machine-wash to maintain it for long-term use. 

4. Baluchari Saree

What makes this saree stand out is its attention to details feature concerning the design of the cloth. This saree is extremely design heavy and the designs that take space on this saree take us back to history and are weaved in a storytelling pattern. It takes almost a week to weave a baluchari saree and they are available in vibrant colours making the saree look extremely beautiful. 

Care: The maintenance of this saree requires you to pay attention to it and cannot be compromised considering its fabric. 

5. Tussar Saree 

Being wrapped in a tussar silk saree is six yards of luxury and sheer elegance. This saree has to be one of the most beautiful sarees that deserve a space in your closet. A tussar silk saree is light and easy to drape having printed designs inspired by sources of nature like trees, leaves, flowers, etc and reflecting creativity in its purest form. 

Care: One of the best things about tussar saree is its easy maintenance. There is not much you have to take care of when it comes to this fabric other than ironing and dry cleaning every two to three months to keep its shine intact. 

6. Garad Saree 

A Garad saree is a pure silk saree that has the body of the fabric associated with either white or off-white colour. The word “Garad” itself means white. A garad saree is kept in its natural colour and not dyed at all. The colour white that is mainly reflected and associated with this saree symbolizes purity. This particular type of saree is slightly expensive but worth it to be a part of your closet. The border of a garad saree is design heavy and available in different colours but the most famous of all is the red or maroon border one. 

Care: The maintenance of this saree is high due to its high-quality fabric and it is recommended to dry clean it. 

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