5 Essentials Lingerie For Every Occasion

All lingerie is not sensible lingerie. And unfortunately, the awareness in this domain can only be passed on by word of mouth. We live in a world that is not forgiving and lingerie faux pas is really a reason to worry. Each one of us needs to have certain sensible lingerie essentials, which can save us loads of embarrassment and are mostly too important to ignore. So here’s our list:lingere

T-shirt bra

if you haven’t heard of this yet, you may want to hide in your room and not come out, because chances are that you might be living your everyday life in a trance. Okay I’m joking. The t-shirt bra is basically a seamless bra with light padding that makes a t-shirt look neat on you. It could be an underwire, and for larger sizes, underwire is essential. T-shirt bras make you feel carefree and comfortable because they are not drawing any attention to you in an unwanted way. Plain and simple.

Sports bra

How many of you know this fact that bras should not be worn 24/7. And especially when one is sleeping because its restricts healthy air and blood circulation in your body. Now obviously we don’t have that option in case we are out with extended family, friends or colleagues for vacations or workshops. So the alternative to a bra is a sports bra. A sports bra, given its comforting and relaxing fit is a much better option to sleeping with a standard bra on. So let down your hair and use a more comfortable option for sleep time.

Seamless panties/Thong

It is not for the sex appeal only. Seamless panties and thongs aid your life in a much more important way. It is for your formal days, with fitting trousers and pencil skirts. It is highly odd to go for a formal meeting and have seams showing. Formal wear protocol dictates that you account for everything, even the little details like this one. And small details like these may go a long way in making you feel confident and sure of yourself, and not bursting at the seams!

Demi bra

This is the quintessential stuff cocktail parties should be made of. The utility value of this piece of lingerie is enormous. They come in with multifunctional characteristics and are perfect for all kinds of get-togethers, parties, formal dances, weddings etc. This bra is a half cup, low cleavage (you’ll need to ask for it), adjustable straps and strong grip. You should most definitely have a few of them handy as they are in one word- efficient.

Shape wear

Time to stop worrying about looking out of shape. I mean, sure diet and exercise is the way to go, but that doesn’t mean you need to be conscious before you lose that weight or get into shape. Shape wear, as the name goes, gives you a shape before you get into a dress for the evening.

The good thing is, we actually have the solutions to all our potential embarrassments. All we need to do is go out and get them, to suit our styles and lifestyles.

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