10 Hygiene Products Must Haves For Women. Shop Now or Never!

To put your best foot forward, it’s best to practice healthy hygiene. There are myriads of personal and feminine products, that are, almost always necessary! Believe it or not, habits such as brushing, flossing may look monotonous and boring, but they are just made interesting when you get to buy a set of related products from the market. So, happy shopping, because we bring you here at least ten such products for your intimate health hygiene.

1.Personal care set – Groom yourself with this personal care set that includes every accessory you need for your nails and hands.
Price: Rs. 275.
WSL Recommends: overstock.comPersonal care set

2. Full body waxing kit– This ready-to-use product gives you beautiful skin and has only five easy steps. All you need to do is just pull up the easy grip tab and get smooth skin instantly!
Price: Rs. 510.
WSL Recommends: snapdeal.comFull body waxing kit

3.Refreshing intimate wash – Tidy up your private parts with this refreshing wash that also offer you a floral scent. This will always leave you with a feminine confidence. Trust me!
Price: Rs. 350.
WSL Recommends: amazon.inFeminelle Refreshing Intimate Wash

4.Intimate lubricating gel – Save yourself from dryness and itching! A very handy product that can also be used everyday just to lubricate and moisturize your private area.
Price: 14.99$
WSL Recommends: yesyesyes.orglubricating gel

5.Creamy cleansing milk– Too tired to remove make-up from a late night party? No worries, this oil resistant cleansing cream with its floral essence will not only make your skin soft but also dirt free. You would want to use it every day!
Price: Rs. 550
WSL Recommends: jabong.comCreamy cleansing milk

6.Facial hair remover – Of course nobody likes facial hair! A two step system designed to gently yet effectively remove fine to medium unwanted facial hair while minimizing irritation.

Price: $ 17.23
WSL Recommends: amazon.comOlay Facial hair remover

7. Happy feet– Want a very smooth feet? Then, go for this Peppermint Foot Care lotion that will fight against feet infection while giving you healthy feet.
Price: Rs. 500.
WSL Recommends: burtsbees.comFootCare

8.Instant Sanitizer– Always put one small hand sanitizer in your bag! Whether you are heading to office or a friend’s place, you could anytime need clean hands and of course water, you can’t get everywhere! So squeeze a little sanitizer and breathe fresh.
Price: 1.75$
WSL Recommends:  bathandbodyworks.comInstant Sanitizer

9.Freshen your mouth– Smelly mouth? Forget friends, forget your boyfriend, forget everything in this world and shut your lips forever! But this product comes to your rescue. We suggest you try this non-alcoholic, herbal instant mouth freshener spray indeed. It gives you instant refreshment!
Price: Rs. 105
WSL Recommends: flipkart.comListerine Coolmint Mouthwash

10.Anti-perspirants– Apply an anti-perspirant every time you step out of your place! Get easily rid of smelly underarms while repairing the damage skin and get an even toned skin.
Price: Rs. 225
WSL Recommends: purplle.comAnti-perspirants

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