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Tech: Drone Delivery of Frozen Goods, Usage of 3D Printing by Space Start-Ups, UPI With Rupay Credit Cards and More

From the US recession to food deliveries by drone, let’s look at the changes the technology world saw.

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With the massive urbanization, the tech world observes changes with every passing hour. From the US recession to food deliveries by drone, let’s look at the changes the technology world saw and brush up on our knowledge about the technology news the world saw this week.

1. India might face a US recession

While outsourcing orders from Western companies continue to flood in regularly, software exporters like Infosys are seeing a severe fall in profitability. Businesses in the US and Europe, including those in the banking, manufacturing, retail, health care, and utility sectors, are still signing offshore agreements, especially those that would enable them to automate procedures and save costs. In addition to a lower-than-anticipated EBIT margin of 17 per cent, a multiyear low, HCL Technologies Ltd. pressed the brakes by cutting quarterly net hiring by almost four-fifths to about 2,000. Due to the industry’s structure in India and the recession in the West, profitability may continue under pressure for the remainder of this year.

2. Space startups use 3D printing technology to develop economically

Startups in the space technology industry are adopting 3D printing technologies to reach the initial manufacturing scale before switching to conventional procedures. Executives from Agnikul Cosmos, Skyroot Aerospace, and Pixxel Space claimed that despite the fact that 3D printing cannot compare to industrial manufacturing utilising injection moulding, they will be able to meet their present production needs with the technology.

3. In Gurugram, a tech startup tests drone delivery of frozen goods.

On Monday, drone delivery service Skye Air Mobility announced a partnership with Curefoods to use drones to send temperature-controlled cartons of frozen food to cloud kitchens. Beginning with the trials on July 25, it saw up to six flights per day with a payload of 5 kg each. Assuring the best flight safety and continuous temperature monitoring, Skye Air has been employing its flagship unmanned aerial vehicle, Skye Ship One, to facilitate real-time deliveries.

4. Engineers Create A Special Mattress And Pillow System To Help People Fall Asleep More Quickly

When the body temperature drops at night as part of the 24-hour cycle, sleep is possible. Researchers said that this innovative mattress stimulates the body to induce sleepiness, making it easier for people to fall asleep and enhancing the quality of their sleep. According to a study that was published in the Journal of Sleep Research, the neck area of the body, which serves as a crucial bodily thermostat for people, is targeted by the mattress’ warming pillow. The mattress is intended to chill the body’s core while warming the neck, hands, and feet to promote blood flow and help the body release heat.

5. Study Programs in the Metaverse Will Be Included in the Curriculum at Tokyo University

A number of study programmes will be available in the metaverse, according to the University of Tokyo, Todai. Students in high school classrooms and those enrolled in university courses will have access to the courses Todai will introduce to the virtual world. The goal of Todai’s foray into the metaverse is to address the shortage of trainers qualified to assist Japan with its digital transformation into the Web3 world. The engineering vertical of Todai will determine the project.

6. While Ether’s value continues to rise over the weekend, Bitcoin drops below $22,000 over the past week.

The whole cryptocurrency market is now again under selling pressure following a solid performance last week. BTC has demonstrated symptoms of selling pressure over the weekend. A 2.56 per cent decline in the price of Bitcoin over the past day has brought it near to the $21,800 (about Rs. 17.44 lakh) barrier on international markets, while the Indian exchange CoinSwitch Kuber rates it at $23,316. (roughly Rs. 18.65 lakh). On CoinSwitch Kuber, ether is worth $1,622 (around Rs. 1.30 lakh), while the value of the cryptocurrency is $1,515 on international markets (roughly Rs. 1.21 lakh)

7. 1,500 Electric Buses Will Be Provided, Operated, and Maintained by Tata Motors For DTC

As part of a tender by Convergence Energy Services, Tata Motors said on Friday that it had won an order for 1,500 electric buses from Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC). According to the contract, the car giant will provide, operate, and maintain air-conditioned, low-floor, completely constructed 12-meter electric buses for 12 years, it said in a statement.

8. In a few months, RuPay Credit Cards will be connected to the UPI platform: MD NPCI

The UPI platform would be connected to RuPay credit cards. In order to move the policy announcement on the UPI front forward, NPCI is in discussions with SBI Cards, BoB Cards, Axis Bank, and Union Bank of India. NPCI will also make a recommendation to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). The mandated free-of-price nature of UPI transactions, which were up until recently connected to savings bank accounts, contrasts with the ability of credit card companies to charge up to 2 per cent of a transaction as MDR, which is paid by retailers.

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