Types of Tea that help in relaxation and sleep

Tea is known to be the most common beverage consumed after water. It is made from the leaves of the plant Camellia sinensis. The various blends and flavours of tea are the reasons behind the popularity of tea. Not only does tea have a refreshing effect, it also helps in various physiological processes like sleep, weight loss, etc. It also helps in combating anxiety.WSL-Tea

Tea’s that help in relaxation and sleep

It’s time to bid sleeping pills adieu. Here are the chamomile tea, valerian root, lavender tea, linden tea and kava-kava tea to help you fall asleep. The calming and relaxing effect of the German chamomile tea comes from amino acid glycine which is known to be a nerve relaxant. For the anxious nerves, you also have the lavender tea which is rich in flavonoids and tannins. While flavonoids are effective antioxidants, tannins keep away bacteria from your mouth. This tea is found in England various parts of Europe. As the name suggests, the valerian root is made to prepare the valerian tea. North Americans drink the linden tea made of the leaves and flowers of the linden plant to treat a nervous stomach, calm the nerves and release the mind from tension, anxiety and restlessness. The kava-kava tea which is primarily grown in the region of the South Pacific is also known to contain the kavalactones which act as a sedative and causes the mind and body to relax.

Herbal teas that help you dream

Teas made from herbs like Artemisia Absinthium, also known as Wormwood, help in having dreams that are vivid and vibrant. It is best to take it half an hour or an hour before going to bed. Mugwort is another herb that’s used to make teas that provide dream work and magic of various kinds. For divinatory, powerful and lucid dreams you need tea made from the plant Piri Piri. Lemongrass is also an ingredient used for making teas that help the human mind to dream.

Teas that help you lose weight

Sounds magical, isn’t it? Yes, there green tea helps increase your metabolism thereby causing you to lose weight fast. Green tea increases fat oxidation while you exercise. You get a powerful effect by taking daily 2 to 4 cups of green tea. Black tea, cousin of green tea, is said to possess the property of improving insulin sensitivity. This is also known to be effective for shedding your extra flabby increasing the metabolism rate. Another cousin of both the green and black teas is the oolong tea. It helps you to lose weight by preventing the body from absorbing fat. It also improves the fat burning ability of the body. Three cups daily serve well for the body.

Wonderful teas showing wonderful effects like magic potions. You have now got good reasons to increase your intake of tea. Do not make your morning simply refreshing. Make it healthy with these exclusive teas that help you keep your body and mind fit and fantastic.

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