Tea Trove – Celebrating 100 Years In The Tea Industry

Tea Trove brings to you freshly packed tea directly from the tea cultivators and blend them into unique and sophisticated teas. Tea Tove is committed to being a sustainable and eco-friendly business venture by working hand-in-hand with the best local as well as global tea and food artisans. The company claims to contribute back to the society by promoting a healthy lifestyle.

They are also firmly believe in a very consistent and genuine approach to their products. Therefore, Tea Trove is dedicated to delivering constant quality and genuine customer experience. Tea Trove takes one customer at a time and promise optimum customer satisfaction.

In addition to that, The Tea Trove sources freshly packed teas (black, white, oolong, green.) directly from the cultivators and blends them into unique and exquisite flavours using real herbs, fruit (apple, orange peel, mango, pineapple, etc.), flowers (rose, lavender, jasmine, etc.) and spices (cardamom, pepper, cinnamon, etc.). In addition to the health benefits, their products are handcrafted and made fresh daily with all-natural ingredients.

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