In talks with Mr. Chandan Dang, CMO, Tupperware

Our recent campaign ‘whatSHEgifts with Tupperware’ saw an overwhelming response from our readers. Tupperware has provided a platform to those women whose choices are often made by society since the past 18 years in India. With the “SHE CAN YOU CAN” campaign which promotes women empowerment & celebrates women achievers is much in line with what whatSHElikes stands for, we spoke with Mr. Chandan Dang, CMO, Tupperware to tell us more about our favorite kitchen brand

1.From delivering simple Bell Tumblers to now foraying into all-out premium kitchenware, how has the journey for Tupperware been for over 6 decades?

Tupperware’s journey over the years for has been a truly remarkable one, from its very first “round seal” products and “Wonderlier Bowls”, to the many other food storage and preservation products that it followed with. Among various product-based recognitions and awards Tupperware has received 39 Red Dot awards for excellence in product design.Chandan Daang

Perhaps even more remarkable has been Tupperware’s effect of empowering women with the skills and confidence they have gained through being associated with the company and its products. This is the Tupperware “Chain of Confidence” effect. This year Tupperware was invited by the United Nations to be a founding member of the UN Women’s Private Sector Leadership Advisory Council.

In India, too, Tupperware has had a very successful journey since its entry into the country eighteen years ago. Tupperware has successfully built up strong awareness and preference, and today is a truly trusted brand in the market. Tupperware has the largest women sales force in India.

2.Your unique direct sales strategy still remains a benchmark for brands, how many homes has Tupperware reached?

We reach homes in over 70 cities in India through our Lady consultants who sell through the unique Tupperware party and “Group Presentation Selling” method. In a recent survey done 70% of respondent homes acknowledged owning and using Tupperware products.

3.Housewives even today look at Tupperware as a distinctive career opportunity, how have you managed to spread the network?

In India a vast majority of women live a life that is decided by her family and society. In her daily, often mundane life, her own dreams and aspirations go unfulfilled as she builds the lives of others in her family. Tupperware gives an opportunity for a woman to fulfill her dreams. She can do this without upsetting her family commitments since working for Tupperware gives her complete flexibility to decide her working hours. The Tupperware opportunity has empowered thousands of women and given them the freedom to fulfill their dream and become more confident individuals.

Tupperware supports women to take first step towards realising their own dreams with the help of its “SHE CAN YOU CAN” campaign which promotes Women Empowerment, Pride and Prestige. “She Can You Can” celebrates women achievers who have chased their dream and in realizing that dream they have empowered many more.

4. Why do you recommend Tupperware to our women readers?

Tupperware is the number one kitchenware brand among the SEC As and Bs and increasingly women across the country are choosing this as a valid career option which provides them a life changing opportunity, make very respectable incomes which allows them and their families to lead an upgraded lifestyle and use this opportunity to develop and build themselves as more than just home makers.

The brilliant product portfolio consists of almost 400 products catering smartly to all needs of kitchen and dining for all age groups. They promise to compliment and brighten up every Indian home and kitchen.

We at Tupperware are deeply passionate about building the success of women and seeing them transform their lives for the better.

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