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Sushma Swaraj – The Power Woman Of India

The Ministry of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj, who is known for helping distressed Indian from across the world, is truly a superwoman for many of us. The lady creates a social buzz and helps the distressed over social media. The way she responds to the citizens is very impressive. She is at the centre of a political storm over a procedural passport matter.

Sushma Swaraj is India’s first woman foreign minister who is finally bringing India into the loop of those countries where women have reached leadership positions outside of dynasty. It is because of our External Affairs Ministry that the passport application process has improved dramatically, with India becoming the third-largest passport issuer in the world. Over 100s trade and investment agreements and memorandums of understanding signed during Modi’s 19 foreign visits are being implemented and coordinated with domestic and foreign ministries, the daily job of a diplomat.


One can say, she is modest but her achievements are significant.

She has been a go-getter in several humanitarian crisis situations impacting her ministry – like the resolved hostage crisis of Indian nurses in Iraq or the ongoing hostage crisis involving 39 Indian construction workers who were snatched by Islamic State (IS) in Iraq this year.

One of her recent achievement was – her significant role in drinking water supply to the neighborhood Maldives where their sole desalination plant had been rendered dysfunctional because of fire.

Sushma Swaraj

She’s not even left behind from handling crisis of common people stuck with some issue across the globe.

Here, she helped British couple to take their baby Lily home –

She did her best to help them. But, this is not the first time she has helped somebody over social media. There have been many, many, many such cases.

If ministry had to be rated, this ministry would be a top scorer. We need people like her at every step of our lives and in every government control. Kudos!

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Written by Vishakha Bhatia

Vishakha is an aspiring Financial Planner whose life also revolves around her dreams, family, and friends. Nano tales and crop tops are her kind of things. If she’s not writing, you would find her buried in magazines like ‘Outlook Money’ or making ‘I-want-to-try-this-café’ bucket list.

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