Are you sure the milk you get is safe & a source of health for your loved ones?

How many of us are aware that the milk we consume may not be safe? The daily dose of nourishment for you and your family may not be meeting the standards of quality & safety. But to put an end to your nutritional woes, Jindal Stainless has your back.
India is the largest milk producer in the world and also the largest consumer. Milk is, without a doubt, more than just a drink. It is not just the morning glass that you drink before sprinting out of the house. Its uses go far beyond its dietary and nutritional requirements. And that’s for a good reason.

Milk is an essential part of our everyday lives – whether it’s the coffee that we need as the first thing in the morning to wake up or the chilled milkshakes/smoothies that make us feel better on a scorching day. Not only does it form a part of our daily diet; in India, it is also used on various religious occasions to appease our beloved deities. Hence, milk is not only a drink but a sentiment in India.

Keeping this in mind, in a one of its kind initiative, Jindal Stainless, a global leading stainless steel conglomerate has launched a progressive social campaign called CareForMilk in order to raise awareness about the government norms and regulations regarding the storage of milk in India.

The campaign is an effort to educate age-old milkmen and dairies who continue to use same old utensils for years together. The poor-quality milk cans used by many milkmen can pose serious health hazards for you and your family. Milk is an indispensable part of everyone’s daily lives and is essential for the human body. You just can’t do without it unless you want to compromise with your daily nutritional needs.

The campaign however, raises questions on the quality of milk that reaches us. It is an endeavor to educate the masses who may be under the false impression that milk is reaching them in its best fresh form. Storage of milk in poor quality cans can considerably hamper its nutritional value and may prove detrimental to our health.

The campaign also highlights government norms like the one by Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI), which clearly states that “cans and containers made up of mild steel metal and plastic material used for storage and transportation of milk and milk products shall not be allowed”.

The campaign is being actively carried out through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in order to make the masses aware of the lurking health risk. It raises important and relevant questions regarding the quality of milk being consumed by the masses under the guise of fresh milk.

Jindal Stainless Ltd. urges the users to take a pledge on their website to get good milk. It will also take up the campaign offline and educate people, milkmen and dairies through various RWAs.

Stainless Steel milk cans have been advised as the ideal milk cans for transporting milk. They are the perfect alternative as they do not corrode and end up keeping the beneficial nutrients of milk intact.

To know more about the campaign, log on to and take a pledge and spread awareness on

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Written by Bhakti D

Bhakti is a dedicated full-time certified yoga instructor and follows yogic teachings as a way of life rather than a fitness goal. Yoga has helped her lead stress-free life for herself as well as has a calming influence on the family. After she realized the goodness of Yoga, she decided to pursue Yoga more seriously by building on Yoga related competencies. She has done a number of classrooms as well as one to one teaching sessions in Mumbai, helping her clientele achieve a happy and healthy lifestyle.

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