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Reasons Why You Should Support Indian Artisans and Their Unique Forms of Art

Indian handicrafts are a reflection of our rich culture and heritage and a sign that art is alive in all corners of our country. Whenever people travel back from Indian or any corner of India, they take back a piece of that specific place in the form of a handmade souvenir that tells stories of our age-old history. Behind every curated piece there an artisan who gives off something of himself and expects a little something for his quality time, handwork, and talent. Indian handicrafts and the demand for their products have been falling and slowly dying and to keep the flame alive, we are here to give you all the reasons why we need to support Indian artisans more and be a part of the change.

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1. Reflects Royalty

Every piece handcrafted has a reflection of our rich culture and heritage with a sign of royalty attached to it. It is made of precision and a royal touch that makes it even more special and elegant to look at. Most of these products are made with age-old methods with compromising on anything to ensure the best quality. There is a story, a relevance attached to each piece that reflects on the final product.

2. Never Goes out of Style

Handcrafted products can never go out of style. They are exclusively crafted to make sure it does not lose its place because of fast-changing trends. The unique factor of handicrafts is what makes it even more special. All products manufactured in bulk can be found almost everywhere and anywhere but handicrafts are all different from one another. They can also be customized as per your wants and needs and this personal touch is what makes it stand out. So whenever you buy and place a handcrafted piece in your home, be assured that it is going to stay for long.

3. You Become a Part of Their Journey

When we reach out to artisans and buy their handcrafted products, in a way we are becoming the medium to keep the flame alive. We become a part of the journey of an artisan who has worked extremely hard and invested his time to keep the skill alive in times of mass-produced factory products and by becoming so we show them that we care. A move in the right direction and you empower an artist, a weaver, etc, and your money
goes directly to the artist who deserves it.

4. You Will Realise It’s All Worth It

The best part about buying Indian handicrafts is the way they are curated. All products are made from scratch using handtools to ensure perfect detailing and durability. An artisan’s creativity goes into the making of these products and the end result may cost you a little more but it’s all worth it when you take into consideration the design and its longevity. You may not find pieces that reflect fine craftsmanship in the market and nothing feels great and being satisfied with what you have spend money on. When you purchase a handmade product, be sure that you will be taking home nothing but uniqueness and it is worth all you paid for.

5. Good for the Environment

One of the many best things about handicrafts is that it is safe for the environment. Most of the products are made using hand tools and do not require an elaborate setup or raw materials to be produced. The wastage and the resources used compared to a factory setup is minimum and most of the work is done in the natural form. The fact that it is eco-friendly is what makes it even more appealing.

6. You Get More Than You Expect

A handmade product can never be compared to a product made in a factory. The creative and imagination that goes into the making of a handmade product cannot be compared to anything as it often gives you more than you had expected. Creativity is like the flow and one surely cannot get it from a machine. The perfection, attention to your personal haves and have-nots, and the aesthetic design, all can only be achieved when a person makes it happen.

Being connected to your roots and knowing its values is extremely important. With changing times and our busy lives we may not pay attention to these small things but being connected keeps us together. Step forward today and support our Indian artisans by buying a small token of love and be a part of their incredible journey of keeping the art and craft alive.

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Written by Urvashi

With a degree in media science, I spend most of my time writing, trying to explore the content world with a wish to make it big someday!

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