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Skincare Steps To Follow This Summer

A good skincare routine will never disappoint in any season

Scorching heat and humid air, summers have announced their arrival. This means deadlines, exams, and mangoes, so naturally, skincare tends to take a backseat during this chaotic season. Well, one thing is clear – your skin always demands commitment, a few days of neglect can leave you regretting your blunder for months. To avoid surfing through the internet all winter, in hopes of skin revival, it’s best to take out some time out of your schedule now and dedicate it to your epidermis.

What are some ways to protect your skin this summer?


It’s no secret that dehydration is the core reason for concern in the mid-months of the year. This is the perfect opportunity to upgrade your water and fuse it with fruits. Carry a sipper with you and if needed, set reminders to drink water on your phone. Listen to your mothers and grandmothers and have a bowl full of seasonal fruits. One of the best fruits to include in your diet would be Watermelons: Nature’s trick of a drink and a fruit in one round package!

Face mists and Face towels

The modern world never ceases to amaze with its brilliant inventions, face mists and capsulated face towels are the current summer obsessions. Nobody likes a sweaty and sticky face, leaving your skin looking dull and lifeless. You can easily find a good face mist and face towels in beauty shops or online – we would suggest making a permanent space in your daily bag for them.

Gel moisturizers and lip balms

Your skin needs protection and moisture, even if putting on anything other than water on your skin, is the last thing on your mind. So, invest in some good gel-based SPF and moisturizers. Speaking of moisturizing, protecting your lips from the heat and sun is also of utmost importance. There are plenty of SPF-infused lip balms in the market; moisturizing your face and the delicate skin of your lips is vital for a healthy skin glow.

Remember to wash the sweat off your skin to avoid acne and pimples due to bacteria. A good skincare routine will never disappoint in any season, and will always keep that natural and healthy glow alive.

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