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Sulwhasoo India Introduces a Sensual New Herbal Clay Purifying Mask

Sulwhasoo’s new facial mask delivers rapid soothing benefits and removes dead skin cells for sensitive skin as an “S.O.S” solution

Herbal Clay Purifying Mask
SWS Herbal Clay Mask

Sulwhasoo India is elated to add a new clay mask to its existing line of face masks in India. The much anticipated Herbal Clay Purifying Mask is a skincare hero when it comes to easing skincare woes with its exceptional skin purifying and cooling properties.

The current pandemic situation has led to various new developments in our lives, one of which is the newly coined term for the novel COVID-19 era, ‘Maskne’, a bucket term for a few skincare conditions caused by wearing a mask. This ongoing hustle has left us with apprehension and yearning for better times, and while we Stay Home to contemplate and introspect, Sulwhasoo prompts us to clear our skin surface as well as our mind. Sulwhasoo’s Herbal Clay Purifying Mask translates a luxurious spa facial, to an easy, yet sensual at-home therapy for the face.

Herbal Clay Purifying Mask boasts soothing herbs used in the “Korean Traditional Herb Complex”

The Herbal Clay Purifying Mask boasts soothing herbs used in the “Korean Traditional Herb Complex” inside its clay formula, which calms sensitive skin triggered by various daily stimuli down effectively. This complex contains Mugwort, Heartleaf Houttuynia powder, along with six types of soothing herbs. Furthermore, this clay concoction also contains PHA, a second-generation naturally derived exfoliating substance, to remove dead skin gently.

Clay Mask Formulated for all Skin Types

The mask contains clay, with fine particles refined by natural tidal forces that are less than a few dozen microns in size, sourced from the Yellow Sea, one of the three most valuable mudflats in the world. This property helps remove bodily waste accumulated in dynamic expression lines in the skin, fine wrinkles as well as skin pores.

Formulated for all skin types, the Sulwhasoo Herbal Clay Purifying Mask has an instant purifying effect on the skin. It aids dry skin to feel more comfortable, attributing to its non-drying gel cream-type clay which hydrates the skin while tightening up the pores, all without stripping the skin over time! With continued use, the mask softens the look of open pores on the face, unveiling a younger-looking skin texture.

The existing range of Sulwhasoo masks available in India, all promise a lifetime of skin brilliance, and the Herbal Clay Purifying Mask is no different, yielding the perfect results of a replenishing mask for skin in need!

The Sulwhasoo Herbal Clay Purifying Mask is priced at INR 3,650.

How to Use:

* The product boasts of a versatile application, as below:

After cleansing your face, apply the product (avoid the eye area), then rinse with lukewarm water after 5~10 minutes.

1. Using the product as a “spot care” solution – Apply on breakouts, irritated/sensitive spots, or the “T-zone” where the skin secretes more sebum, then rinse with lukewarm water after 5~10 minutes.
2. Using the product as a “daily deep cleanser” – After lightly dampening the skin, gently mix the Sulwhasoo Gentle Cleansing Foam and Herbal Clay Purifying Mask, cleanse your face, then rinse with lukewarm water.

Availability: Nykaa and Select Nykaa Luxe Stores

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