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Styling Ethnic Wear in Winters

Feeling bad already that you can’t style your ethnic wear due to winters? Hold that thought.

Our love for ethnic wear is what makes us go to such lengths that we even style it in harsh winter months and bear the chills. But why suffer when you can both be comfortable and look stunning in your ethnic wear? During the winter season, we mostly ditch our ethnic wear because of the simple reason that we are unable to wear it and yet be trendy. So let’s do something out of the box and try these tips and tricks that will help you flaunt your ethnic outfits in style.

Ethnic Wear

1. Use Your Turtleneck

Take out your basic black or white turtleneck and use it under your ethnic wear. Are you wondering how? Well, you can use your turtleneck both under your basic kurta or use it as a blouse with your saree. This look is trendy and be assured, you can never go wrong with a turtleneck.

2. Go for Velvet

Velvet fabric is warm and suitable for winter months. This is my personal favourite and can make you look gorgeous. Two things that make velvet your go-to option, first, there are innumerous ways to include it in your ethnic wear and second, this fabric is elegant, it can be easily used for weddings and other occasions where you need that something extra. One way to use this fabric is by replacing your usual dupatta or stole with a heavy velvet shawl cum dupatta with your plain one coloured kurta and pants. This outfit is extremely simple yet very elegant. Another way to use it by making a blouse out of it and styling it with your saree or lehenga. You can also make your pants and kurta out of velvet and complete your outfit with a usual dupatta. There you go, comfortable yet no less than a diva.

3. Do Some Layering

Layering is another way to achieve that trendy yet comfortable look for winters. It saves you from catching a cold without making it look like you’re trying to escape the weather. Wear your ethnic shrugs or jackets with your lehenga, saree, or your kurta and dhoti pants. The best thing about layering is that it can be used with anything from basic jeans to loud lehengas. If you do not own a long-line shrug or jacket you can also opt for shorter ones keeping in mind that they go with your outfits and are warm enough to save you from the harsh weather. Another thing you can do is make sure the fabric of the shrug or jacket is thicker than what you prefer during summers.

4. Add Some Drama with Your Trench Coat

Are you thinking how can a trench coat be used with your ethnic wear? Well, stop. However different it may sound, it definitely hypes the vibe and the result is nothing but trendy. Throw your trench coat over your saree and give it a completely different vibe. Styling a trench coat gives your outfit that edge. This may sound different but do not be scared to style it as a trench coat is one such thing that is extremely versatile and never goes out of trend.

5. Give Your Outfit Something Extra with Fur

I can’t stress on this enough how fur can literally change your entire outfit game. Use that furry jacket as your coverup with your saree or your ethnic dresses. A furry coat or jacket is so elegant and stylish if put together the right way.

6. Use Your Pallu like a Scarf

This is yet another way of keeping yourself warm. Take your pallu and instead of letting it hang just like that take it and put it across your neck making it look like a scarf. This keeps your neck warm and also makes you look extremely stylish. You can also throw a blazer if you’re headed to a much formal event.

7. Style Your Pants or Leggings

This trick can be your ultimate saviour considering how with the winter season the wedding season also begins. Wear your leggings or warm pants under your lehenga. You can also wear a pant-style saree and do the same trick by protecting your legs from the windy weather. Considering how flowy and fluffy lehengas are, wearing leggings or warmers under it will not make you look puffed up. This style is more of a fusion one and while it keeps you warm, it also makes sure you’re right on the fashion meter. If the weather is too harsh you can replace that regular blouse with a sweater blouse.

8. Work on the Sleeves

For some people styling a sweater blouse or a turtle neck could be a tough decision to make. In this case, a wise decision would be to get your ethnic wear made in full sleeves. If you don’t wanna comprise on that gorgeous blouse piece, use some extra cloth and make it full sleeves and do the same with your other anarkalis or party-wear suits. This will keep your outfit game safe and you can wear just exactly what you wanted and still be comfortable in the cold weather.

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Written by Urvashi

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