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Style Your Jeans in 6 Fun Ways This Winter

This winter level up your outfits by simply choosing a variety of jeans and pulling it off with your favourite winter wear.

The most common apparel that we all have in our wardrobe is a pair of jeans. However, this versatile piece of clothing can be worn in more than one way to create an amazing outfit. A simple pair of jeans comes in a lot of variations like skinny, straight, wide-leg, relaxed, and cigarette. Winters are all about chic looks, boots, and layers, so feel free to be a little experimental as the season itself asks for it. While you must be wondering how can a simple pair of jeans be styled in numerous ways, we don’t want to keep you waiting. This post brings to you 6 types of jeans with uncountable outfit ideas!

Jeans Winter wear

  1. Blue Ripped Jeans

A Blue ripped jeans can be paired with a white shoe, a black shoe, or a red shoe, where it is the cloth you’re wearing pulls off the outfit rather than you yourself which is considered to be a safe option. Starting with the basic outfit, you can style your outfit by wearing basic ripped jeans with a plain white tee and black vans shoe or white converse shoe.

You can level up your game by wearing your ripped jeans on a mid-ankle black vans shoe styled up with a white tee – one size bigger than you perfect size, a buttons open chequered black and white shirt, and a black biker leather jacket. It’s an outfit that normally people don’t wear much or are unaware of which makes you stand out.

Blue Jeans

  1. A Rugged Black Jeans

Rugged Black Jeans can be paired with anything from the cliché white t-shirt, denim jacket, and white sneakers to a black t-shirt, and black sneakers. What people don’t do is step out of their comfort zone and experiment with a little effort by wearing a linen white shirt, a silver chain watch, and a fur-collared brown jacket with a grey color Chelsea Boots on your Black Rugged Jeans. Or by simply wearing a slightly graphic tee on a red color chequered woolen shirt with black boots on your Rugged Black jeans.

  1. Blue Jeans

Blue jeans are the most important asset that every woman on this earth should own as it can be paired with any shirt or t-shirt. Whether it’s a black t-shirt or a white t-shirt, a mustard color t-shirt, or an olive color t-shirt, you name it and it all goes with your blue jeans.

Talking about shirts one can wear it with a blue shirt with white stripes on it and white sneakers or a normal sky color shirt with white sneakers with a brown belt watch. Keep this look minimal with light makeup and a pair of hoops. Don’t forget to carry a contrast color jacket on it for the windy weather. A black biker jacket can also be used in place of others paired with a white tee and white sneaker, making your look casual yet keep it trendy.

  1. Black Ripped Jeans

A black ripped jeans and a white tee are like tea and cookies. It means one has to go with the other. To make this outfit make better, one can pair it with a beige, brown, olive, or mustard color turtleneck and with black, grey, or brown high-ankled boots. These kinds of looks can make you appear taller and highlights your features. These outfits are a rare sight to see in India and anyone who wears standouts due to the chic look this outfit gives.

  1. Grey Jeans

Grey jeans are not worn much in India as compared to other countries. However, it is a safe option to go with whenever in dilemma. It can be easily paired with your jackets or sweatshirts. Starting with a black knitted sweatshirt on your grey jeans with black vans shoes or red converse sneakers can really make your outfit stand out. Another way of wearing this outfit is to pair it with a white t-shirt and a black denim jacket paired with brown laced boots and in addition to that a black belt watch.

  1. White jeans

White jeans are back in the trend for some time now as women and men both started wearing in the mid-2015s. People usually started wearing this on dark denim shirts but later started to experiment with it by wearing a black tee on it or a normal basic shirt. To pair your white jeans with a solid black shirt or a sky blue striped color shirt with low all-white sneakers or the honest black t-shirt-white jeans combo on a black vans shoe with a blue woolen blazer will give your look an edge. Complete this look with the right amount of makeup and do not forget to accessorize. Remember, keep it light and casual!

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Written by Urvashi

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