Staying Healthy Without Gym?

Got a reason to skip the gym, and we will have all the reasons in the world to skip without any hesitations. As per experts and studies, it is time that we should change our perceptions. Going to the gym to stay fit is no more a truth. As per the American Cancer Society, they published that just walking for about six hours a week is good enough to help us live longer.

The Reports

As per another revealing report published by the Harvard Medical School, walking itself can reduce the risks of dying by up to 32 percent and cardiovascular diseases by around 31 percent.

Now there is no need to have the guilt feel of skipping the gym, as walking for a few minutes every hour or may be dedicating an hour a day is good enough reason for not being at the gym.

As per strategic director CPS-3 of the American Cancer Society and the lead investigator of the research, Alpa Patel, she says that there are great benefits of going for walk at average to brisk pace. She also mentions that walking is easy, can be done anywhere and is free.

But even though our busy nine to six schedule, glued to our chairs and eyes stuck on the computer screen, we are hardly able to find time even for a brisk walk.

Avoid the excuses for not walking

As a brilliant solution to resolve the problem of lack of time, using a public transport to work, commuting in metros, walking to the drop and pick up point and even offering your seat to a fellow passenger are effective ways to get habitual of this healthy habit.

The crux is – just keep moving. There is no need to find time to sweat it out on the treadmill. Taking your pets out, dance, walk, do whatever you like but just keep moving.

Advantages of walking

Just around 30 minutes of brisk walk a day can be more beneficial than we could ever think of. It helps in improving our cardiovascular health, gets us rid of excess fats, helps in bone development and strengthens them, gives us muscular strength and endurance. Risks of certain serious diseases can also be bypassed with walking like Type 2 diabetes, heart ailments, osteoporosis and certain types of cancers.

A healthy habit

Living healthy is an art. Just like any other art form, a special balance is required to stay healthy and any one step going wrong can ruin all the efforts. In order to make it a permanent habit that we would never like to change, we need bring some changes in our lifestyle – meaning the way we have lived till now.

Eating right, involving in some sort of physical activity or even some brisk walk a day, quitting to smoke and becoming a social drinker are some of the changes that we need to bring about to stay healthy. It is not necessary that one has to hit the gym and sweat your pants out to stay healthy.

A little effort and great outcomes is what is good health all about.

What do you think?

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