Spiff Up Your Navratri Dance Moves With These 5 Garba Tutorials

Navratri is back again, and the swish of skirts, the sound of dhols and the twirl of dandiya sticks are not too far away. Super synchronized dance forms like Garba and Dandiya can be pretty intimidating for those with two left feet. But sharpen your moves and you can just get into the groove. Here are some of the best garba and dandiya tutorials to follow so that you can sizzle on the raas floor.

1.Sathiya Garba International

Master these 14 easy steps of Garba as shown by instructor Hiren Patel and his team at Sathiya Garba International. Not only do they make it look incredibly easy but their pride in a dance form so characteristic of their culture is quite evident and makes learning more fun. They also have tutorials featuring the different styles of garba.

2.Devesh Mirchandani

Watching Devesh Mirchandani, a famous Garba teacher, and his team of women whirl in unison is a sight that will compel you to get up and sway with them. A few easy steps and a great choice of songs makes learning almost as enjoyable as actually dancing during Navratri nights,

3.Phulwa Khamkar

A famous movie choreographer for Hindi and Marathi films, Phulwa Khamkar understands the intimidation a novice goes through with garba. She not only teaches you graceful steps in some super easy ways, she does it with the patience that math teachers could have really used back at school. This tutorial at Rajshri Marathi channel uses a peppy Marathi song that will ease you into the energetic beats of all those Gujarati beats.

4.Parveen Sharma

A popular dance trainer on YouTube, Parveen Sharma also has tutorials for Punjabi dances and sangeet performances. Along with breaking down the energetic steps of Garba for you to follow, he also explains them in a manner that is interesting and easy to grasp. This tutorial makes you feel like he is actually in the same room as you teaching you.

5.Khushboo Shah

This choreographer is the true best friend of beginners. She makes Garba and Dandiya look easier than a fifth grader’s homework. Terms such as Do Taali, Teen Taali, Dodhiyu, Popatiyu, Raas and Hinch will be part of your vocabulary even before your outfit for Navratri is ready. Learning from this tutorial, the only thing you will find difficult is to be able to wait to wear your ghagra and enjoy the fervor or Navratri nights.

So, put on your dancing shoes and do a shubhaaraambh of the Navratri festivities early this year. These tutorials will not only have guys queueing up to dance with you to the spirited tunes of Dholi Taaro and Nagada Sang Dhol but also make you ready enough to take on and enjoy a Falguni Pathak event, this year.

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