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Society Comes Together As One To Become A Fist In The Face Of Covid Crisis

Various organizations and individuals are coming forward and helping people during the time of covid crisis. We tried to put forward this handy information for you below.

covid crisis

The COVID cases have drastically increased in India, and to control the situation, doctors and Healthline crew are working continuously and trying their best to save precious lives. To be a helping hand to the nation in the time of need, different individuals and various organizations have come forward to extend support to stop the spread of covid and help people come out of this phase. A few of the steps taken are listed below-

  1. Marriage halls are turning into the covid centres and where ever people have space it’s been given for civil centre.
  2. Arranging oxygen – various NGOs and individuals are coming forward to provide oxygen delivery system.
  3. Donating Plasma – People recovered from covid are now donating plasma for fast recovery of covid patients. Also, many people, including celebrities, are creating awareness to donate plasma.
  4. Covid food for India – Many NGOs and individuals have started special covid meals for affected people.
  5. There is a helpline now launched for pregnant women in this covid time.
  6. Vaccination for 18+ years people in India.

Many NGOs are doing great work. Let’s look at those helping hands coming forward and helping people during the covid time.

Food for COVID Patients

1. COVID Meals for India

The founder of ‘The Goila Butter Chicken’, Chef Saransh Goila has launched a tech-based platform “Covid Meals For India” to connect people who are willing to work as ‘food volunteers’ with those patients who are unable to cook for themselves due to home isolation. This platform has onboarded thousands of service providers across 52 cities of India, covering smaller cities to metro cities.

You can reach out to them using or DM on Instagram account ‘saranshgoila’.

2. Covid Help For Everyone

‘Covid Help For Everyone’ is providing a free meal service for covid patients in East Delhi. One can book thali for lunch and dinner showing their prescription.

You can contact them through their Instagram account ‘covid_help_for_everyone’ or WhatsApp them using 07982260716, 09999840422.

For donation, follow the link ‘’.

For oxygen delivery system


Under the #HelpIndiaBreathe initiative, IMANA organization through fundraising has contributed towards India’s fight against covid by supplying oxygen delivery systems in the form of 50600 nasal cannulas, 40950 non-rebreathers and 208 oxygen concentrators. These supplies would be delivered to government-designated COVID treatment hospitals.

• You can contact them through their Instagram account ‘imanacares’.
• In order to donate to their organization, use the link ‘’.

4. Hemkunt Foundation

Under the #HemkuntFoundationHelps initiative, Hemkunt Foundation started their initiative to distribute unlimited oxygen for free to Covid patients. Along with this, there is also a provision for tents available for critical patients.

• You can contact and reach out to them for help either through their Instagram account ‘hemkunt_foundation’ or through their official website ‘’.
• To donate to ‘Hemkunt Foundation’, use the link ‘’.

5. Daivik Foundation

Under the #StayStrongIndia campaign, Daivik Foundation has contributed 250 units of oxygen concentrator machines and 5000 nasal cannulas to India. Celebrities such as Akshay Kumar, Twinkle Khanna etc., have come forward and donated to this foundation to help raise funds to fight covid.

• You can contact them using ‘[email protected]’.
• For donation, follow the link ‘’.

6. Khalsa Aid India

‘Khalsa Aid India’ team is working on the ground to supply oxygen concentrators to needy patients. Till date, they have distributed 150 oxygen concentrators for covid patients and helped many by saving precious lives.

• For any query, you can contact them at
Email – [email protected]
Contact No. – 017550013000101
WhatsApp No. – 09115609005

• You can donate to this organization using their page at

Food for All

In these tough times during the pandemic, many organizations have come forward to help India fight against hunger. Some of these organizations are listed below –

1. Feeding from Far

The entire team of ‘Feeding from Far’ has worked restlessly for providing and distributing ration kits and food to the needy people during the pandemic. This social service group is giving hope to many and spreading the kindness through its good work during this tough time.

• You can contact and reach out for help through their Instagram account ‘feedingfromfar’.
• Donation link for this organization is ‘’.

2. Feeding India

‘Feeding India’ is the initiative started by ‘Zomato’ with the aim to provide food and solve hunger issue during this pandemic. Along with this, they are also working under the #IndianeedsOxygen initiative to provide hospitals and patients with oxygen and related supplies.

• You can contact, contribute and reach out to them for help at ‘’.

3. Khaana Chahiye

‘Khaana Chahiye’ share around 14000+ meals daily, covering the area of Thane and Mumbai. To date, they have served 1.2 lakh meals to needy people during this pandemic time. You can visit the website using the link ‘’.

• To donate to ‘Khaana Chahiye’, follow the link
• To report hunger, visit the website using

Helpline Numbers

1. For Pregnant Women

National Commission for Women has launched a WhatsApp helpline number for pregnant women in case of emergency or health checkup. Expectant mothers from across the country can reach out to the Commission through its helpline number 9354954224.

2. For Vaccine Registration (for Age Group 18+ Years)

The Government of India has now reduced the age limit for vaccination and started the vaccination drive for Indian citizens of the age group 18 years and above. So, register yourself to help fight back covid.

3. For Children

Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation’ led by Nobel Peace Prize winner Kailash Satyarthi is working to provide food, shelter, healthcare and education to children who have lost their parents during this pandemic. You can reach out to them through the helpline number 1800-102-722.

Also, an appeal was done by Delhi Commissioner to inform and call at +91-9311551393 or 1098 if in case you know any children who have lost both parents to covid or have lost one parent and the other one is hospitalized/ sick.

In this tough time, people are coming forward to help others in whatever capacity they can. So, stay safe and get vaccinated to help India get out of this rough phase of the pandemic.

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