Smooth hands with Vivel Cell Renew Fortify + Repair hand cream

ITC, one of the largest Indian companies, has earned customer preference with the various quality products it has introduced in the Indian market and abroad. It now comes with its latest addition to the Vivel Cell Renew range. It is Vivel Cell Renew Fortify + Repair hand crème made especially for your soft hands.

This product is specially formulated for hands that take environmental aggressions for a long period of time. The hands usually get dry when you travel long distances or go for holidays to the beach or the lake. Apart from working women, homemakers would also love this as they can keep their hands soft and supple despite keeping them continually busy in household chores.

The Vivel Cell Renew Fortify + Repair hand crème guarantees 10 times the effect of Vitamin E and also repairs the damaged skin cells. Its fortification effect keeps the skin protected against the free and harmful radicals in the atmosphere. Your hands stay soft but not greasy.

Vivel Cell Renew Fortify + Repair hand crème comes in an affordable pack of 50ml just for Rs.99. Pampering your hands has never been such fun. It’s time that you spread the feel-good effect with your soft hands. Your hands will be the greatest proof of the success of the product. We are sure about that!

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