Smart Dressing for the Plus Sizes

This article is for the ladies who are constantly worried about dressing well and hiding the little extra flab here and there. Let me begin with- I feel you sister… when you’re on the chubby side, there is always a concern about what to wear to look good, without revealing more calories than you want to. That too in a world where thin is essentially good looking. Well I don’t agree. Plus size can be beautiful as long as you know what to show and what to hide. And here are some simple tips to help you on the way.

Dish away the balloons

They are many clothes that will add to your roundness if you are not too careful. Avoiding them is the first step to dressing right. Balloon skirts, bell bottoms, kurtas without slits on the side, they are made to add frame and are suited for slim women wanting to look curvy. You don’t need it. Steer clear from any apparel that is supposed to bloat ones figure.Smart dressing for the plus sizes

Go for the straight or slim fits

Once you have dished away the above, go in for slim fits. Not tight fits mind you, but more straight-length clothes. Slim fit jeans, longer kurtis, v-necks, good fitting shirts, and vertical lines. These are the kind of clothes that project a longer and slimmer look, thus making you look smarter rather than sloppier. It is usually about projecting a more sharper look, so blend it in your style.

Color tones

Some colors are made to add more weight than the others. Some colors are open and revealing while others project mystery. Try shades of green like forest green or olive green, or deep blues or browns. If you like lighter colors stick to pale pinks or mustard. Also mix and match lighter with darker tones. Black is an all time favorite of mine. Whatever it is, try to add to the mystery of you, thus sidelining the other aspects like flab.

Nothing too big

Large prints or big patches of color are a complete no-no. Again, they project things to be large. Go in for smaller prints, patches and embroidery. It leaves you looking more concise. It’s also subtle and doesn’t throw the looker off guard.

Nothing’s wrong with being big

I think the most important tips of all, is to say this to yourselves each morning, before even thinking about what to wear. More people than you know like curvy women, so you don’t have to feel weird about it. The weight is a problem only when you think it is… otherwise you can go from flab to fab just with the way you feel about yourself. So go on and enjoy, and let nothing bother you!

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Written by N D'cruz

The madness comes with the writing, in the writing' according to this author.

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