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Skincare Blunders That You Should Avoid

While mistakes are unavoidable; Let’s see a few completely avoidable blunders we do with our skins.

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It’s not cool anymore to avoid your skincare and apply a moisturizer every three days when your skin feels scratchy – we have all been there. Taking care of your body and health should be appreciated more. While mistakes are unavoidable, there are a few completely avoidable blunders that we do with our skins, and we need to stop!

So here we go and try to rectify some of these skincare crimes:

1. Unprotected Sun Exposure

One of the worst things that we can make our skin go through is sun exposure. Add in a little bit of climate change, and you have the recipe for a skin disaster. To avoid this, wearing SPF is of utmost importance. Remember to always wear sunscreen no matter how the weather portrays itself. The harmful UV rays can be quite sneaky and can reach you even through the depths of dark clouds.

2. Not Reading the Labels

How many times have we completely neglected the ingredient list of a new product? Skin types can vary a lot, so, using the right ingredients becomes important. For example, acne-prone skin type should avoid coconut oil as it can clog pores and worsen the situation. Always research the right ingredients before purchasing a skincare product for maximum benefits.

3. Wrong Diet

It is true when they say, “we are what we eat”. A good diet will be visible on your face. Avoid sugars, they are not doing any good for your skin or your health. Avoid processed foods and always remember to drink plenty of water – water is nature’s moisturizer.

4. Over Exfoliation

Exfoliation is an important skincare step, but harsh scrubs and exfoliators can do more harm than good. Apricot scrubs were the vintage must-haves of every teenager’s cabinet, but these scrubs can be extremely harsh on your skin and strip its natural oils. So, invest in a gentle exfoliator and be kind on your skin.

We all learn from our mistakes, so it’s only natural to make skincare blunders. One thing to never forget is that achieving your dream skin is just a good skincare routine away.

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