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5 Tips to Take Care of Your Skin in Winter

The change in weather has a direct impact on your skin, and it becomes essential for you to make necessary changes in your skincare routine. Winters can make your skin dry and itchy, and to overcome this there are certain tips you need to take care of religiously. The winter months can be extremely harsh on your skin, and by following your regular skincare routine you make it harsher for your skin. Let’s get started with the tips you need to take care of your skin this winter.

1. Be Hydrated

Remember to stay hydrated not only in summers but in winters as well. When the temperature level drops, the moisture of our skin gets lost and to replace it, it is important to be hydrated. Keep your moisture levels maintained by drinking enough water that ensures you healthy, happy skin.

2. Its Best to Stay Away from Exfoliation

Exfoliating can be great for your skin, but during dry winter months, it is best to keep your hands off regular exfoliation. Once a week can be great but regularly following can make your skin drier leading to unnecessary skin related problems.

3. Avoid Hot Showers

It is normal for people to take hot showers during winter months but however relaxing a hot shower is, it is extremely harmful to the health of your skin. Hot water can make your skin extremely dry and considering the season, it can make it patchy too. It’s best to use lukewarm water instead of a hot shower to keep the health of your skin intact.

4. Moisture for Better Results

Make sure you don’t take moisturizing for granted. It is recommended that you moisturize your skin immediately after your bath to lock in the moisture. Along with your face, make sure you are also moisturizing your hands and feet enough as they also tend to become very dry and itchy.

5. Give the Protection Your Skin Needs

While stepping out in winters make sure you are giving your skin the protection it needs. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen and wear protective layers. Winters does not mean you can step out without giving your skin maximum protection. Cover your skin properly and wear layers to avoid dry, patchy skin. Also, make sure you wear a mask while stepping out.

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