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Should You Really Switch To Brown Rice?

I would be lying if I say that I don’t love rice. It is downright delicious, so to speak. There is nothing more blissful than a hot, steaming bowl of rice. Further, I can eat it with so many dishes because it complements each one of them so perfectly, Could you image ‘Kadi’ without ‘Chawal’ or for that matter ‘Rajma’ without ‘Chawal’? No. You can’t! What about the sumptuous rice kheer?

But wait. Before you indulge in the irresistible white rice, you would very much like to know that it is not such a good choice in terms of nutrients. We hate to break it to you that this grain is not all rainbows and sunshine.

However, we would like you to meet its healthier twin- Brown Rice. You can totally use it in place of white rice. It surely takes longer to cook but its nutrients sure outweigh that downside. For one thing, brown rice is high in fiber and full of proteins, minerals, and necessary vitamins. To top it all, it is also known to stabilize blood sugar levels. Studies further show that it reduces your risk of type 2 diabetes.

The more loved twin or white rice, on the other hand, has a high glycaemic index. It increases the blood sugar level and therefore putting you at the risk of type 2 Diabetes. White rice is made by removing the bran, germ, and hull, thereby eliminating the fibers, natural oils and healthy fats. The white rice is therefore left with few health benefits.

Here we are showing the nutrients comparison between white and brown rice.

With the healthier brown rice, you can enjoy rice with added nutrition without giving up your favorite dishes. You would be much happier knowing you have made a healthy food choice!


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Written by Shubhi Singh

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