Sheryl Sandberg – The Most Powerful Women Of The Year

“It should be a badge for men to mentor women”.

Said by one of the most powerful women and talked about women in the tech world. She is none other than Sheryl Sandberg.Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 7.54.07 pm

A known figure in the business world and one of the most talked lady but had a troubled still inspiring personal life. She got married at the age of 24 but within a year she got divorced. After which she got married again to the then executive of Yahoo Dave Goldberg, in the year 2004. But in 2015, her husband suffered a fall and later died. After which she was left heartbroken. But quickly she revived herself and then started the journey fresh. Being a single mother of two and managing things has not been exactly a bed of roses for this lady.

But Sheryl Sandberg broke all these conventional beliefs by making it to the Forbes list of one of the most powerful women for a 5th consecutive year since 2012 to 2016 gloriously claiming to the 7th position. She is a COO of fifth most valuable brand in the world – Facebook. The lady aged 47 also shares the Board of Director’s chair with other dignitaries making her the first and only women to do so in the history of Facebook.

Youngest Billionaire
With a personal fortune of $1.4 billion, Sandberg is powerful not only as a billionaire and top executive at the world’s fifth most valuable brand but also as a voice for female empowerment in the workplace and shared responsibilities at home.

The Social Side: Sheryl Sandberg

In the year 2013, Sheryl published Lean in Women, work, and the will to lead and since then she has been quite vocal about her opinion on women issues. She strongly believes that there is a huge disparity in the workplace between both the genders. She is a firm believer of the fact that “When women get stuck, Corporate America gets stuck”.  Sheryl considers feminism as her ideal and shares the opinion that women should be nurtured and provided top spot as per her talent. She likes to raise women issues at the larger forum. For instance, Sheryl is of an opinion that women should negotiate the maternity leave terms and conditions with the HR openly. But she is well aware of the fact that few of them have the liberty to do so. With a positive attitude, she has pledged her life to improving the condition and status of women in the corporate arena.

Work and Family Life: Sheryl Sandberg

When asked about her day and how does she balance family life she says, “when I joined Facebook there were only 550 employees and late night meetings and all-night hackathons were a core part of the culture. I realized even before I started that I wasn’t going to totally fit it. One night as Mark and I were considering working together, I called Mark at 9pm. He said he was at a dinner and asked if he could call later so I told him I’d be up for another 30 minutes. The next morning he reached out asking if I was feeling ok; he assumed that I’d been sick since I went to bed at 9:30pm. I explained that with two young children, 9:30pm was often my normal bed time. I love that Mark is now experiencing parenthood first hand! I don’t think he yet has a 9:30 bedtime, but maybe one day he will.”

Now you know being a #girlboss and the most powerful woman can take a lot of hard work and that’s the reason we admire Sheryl Sandberg the most!

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