Shaadi ke 10 side effects

Vidya Balan and Farhan Akhtar will hit theatres entertaining you with their new upcoming movie Shaadi ke Side Effects. Though this movie is a romantic comedy, here we help you take a look at the actual 10 side effects associated with shaadi or marriage. It’s fun to be married. But it also has its side effects which can be considered as matters that help you grow as a wise human being.

The apparent barbaadi of independence

Many men and women think that shaadi means surrendering one’s independence. But the truth is that you’ve got to know your partner well before marrying. If you think he/she doesn’t prefer giving you the space you require, you’ve got to steer away from marrying that person. But it’s not only about space. It also involves trust and loyalty.

Love seems to grow wings as practical needs crop up

Life does not run on kisses, hugs and sex. Marriage seems to act like Red Bull which gives love the wings to fly. Yes, marriage turns boring when you think about taking care of your kids, booking the gas, paying the electricity and mobile bills and buying the grocery, without getting a break.

The bite of the Bachat bug

Marriage makes you realise the value of money. Till then you’ve had a lovely time at your parents’ place. Now that you are with your partner, you’ve got to understand that he won’t like you being a spendthrift. So you gradually learn how to curb your expenses and start saving.

Household chores replacing gyms

That sounds scary. But the price hike in the market might not look worthy of keeping a cook perhaps. So you’ve got to learn how to cook till you get a cook whose salary you can afford. You might feel drained out if you have to cook after returning from office. Sometimes the domestic help might not turn up. It is marriage that teaches you how to keep your house clean, disinfectant and also wash your own clothes. Result, you lose weight!

Growing strong shoulders for responsibilities

When you are young responsibilities sound scary, burdensome. But there always comes when you will have to shoulder responsibilities. It not only towards your parents, spouse and child. It is also towards your parents-in-law and other relatives. It is your responsibilities that make you realise your worth. For that you need to work hard and think with a clear mind.

Realise your priorities without the tu-tu-mein-mein fights

You are no more single woman once you are married. Sometimes change of plans might make you angry. But your duties and responsibilities towards the elders of the family make you realise that you have to make sacrifices at times. It is only a momentary sacrifice. The joy of marriage lies in spending more time with your partner.

Getting used to less of pampering

You gradually realise that your partner is not your mother, let alone your mother-in-law. Girls who are the single child of their parents should get this grilled into their heads that no one will understand her needs like her parents do. They will have to express their likes and dislikes in a polite manner so that their in-laws and husband can make arrangements to make them feel comfortable in the new atmosphere.

Understanding the pain of loneliness

Your partner is your friend with whom you share your home, quarrel and even boss over. You start wondering how you have been spending time being single. You can also feel the pain of people who have lost their partners or have not been able to find a suitable partner.

Being the guinea pig of your partner

Remember that you are the closest person to your partner. He might as well try some sexy lingerie on you which you might be too embarrassed or least confident to try. But you can avoid hurting him by wearing it in whatever shape you are in.

Learning when to say a polite but firm ‘No’

Marriages become irritating when your partner takes you for granted. Instead of taking the rash decision of screaming and creating a chaos, learn to read the signs of danger when you are being taken for granted. You can say the ‘No’ only when you have created a ground for yourself. That is made by performing your duties.

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