Seeing Probiotics Through A New And Better Perspective With DuPont

You most likely have heard of probiotics. They have, after all, soared in popularity over the last few years.

DuPont took the initiative and conducted a bloggers meet, inviting some of the country’s most eminent health & lifestyle writers and influencers in Mumbai on October 27th where many bloggers were present and most of them were mommy bloggers to explore the health benefits of HOWARU ® Premium Probiotics. They wanted to bring everyone together through the meet up with an agenda to educate and create awareness about the goodness and healthful benefits of HOWARU ® Premium Probiotics to the larger population.

Speakers were lined up and the event started breaking the myth about probiotics and understanding the international market of the same followed by the long term benefits and how to incorporate probiotics in day to day life. The session really enhanced our knowledge about probiotics.

“Probiotics are live microorganisms which when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit.” In general, probiotics are similar to the beneficial bacteria that live naturally in your digestive tract. When taken daily, probiotics can help support digestive and immune health. You may think of bacteria as something harmful to your body. But it’s important to have a balance of good bacteria in your digestive tract, which can be negatively impacted from factors such as diet and travel. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria your body may need to support good digestive health.

Probiotics can be found in some foods, such as yogurt and cheese, as well as dietary supplements. There are numerous probiotic supplements on the market that contain a variety of bacteria. The two most common types of bacteria found in probiotics belong to the groups known as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium.

Probiotics promote a healthy balance of gut bacteria and have been linked to a wide range of health benefits. Your gut hosts over 100 trillion living microorganisms that protect you from viruses, bacteria, parasites and allergies. Probiotics improve your natural immune system by producing more microorganisms and modulating immune activating compounds.

Other Potential benefits of probiotics have been seen in the treatment or prevention of –

● Diarrhea
● Crohn’s disease
● H. pylori (the cause of ulcers)
● Vaginal infections
● Urinary tract infections
● Recurrence of bladder cancer
● Eczema in children

It also –
● Calms Reactions to Foods
● Relieves Constipation
● Boosts Immunity Against Flu
● Improves Digestion
● Limits Yeast Infections
● Clears Brain Fog
● Alleviates Depression and other mental disorders
● Reduces Sugar Cravings
● Helps with Weight Loss

“Even if we had the perfect microbial start to life, our modern lifestyles inevitably lead to some depletion of our good bacteria. Fortunately, including more probiotics in your diet ensures that you are giving your gut the best chance to balance itself. Again, if you can’t get probiotics from foods, taking a high-quality probiotic supplement can supply you with all the essential bacteria strains that you need for optimal health,” advices experts.

Probiotic Foods Are Incredibly Healthy

There are many very healthy probiotic foods you can eat. This includes numerous varieties of fermented soybeans, dairy, vegetables and in probiotic-fortified processed foods such as some breads and chocolates. Only some types of cheese — including cheddar, mozzarella and gouda — contain probiotics. Cheese is very nutritious and may benefit heart and bone health. If you can’t or won’t eat any of the foods, you can also take a probiotic supplement. Probiotics, from both foods and supplements, can have powerful effects on health.

The meet winded up with a question answer session in which every participated to clear all the doubts and queries. All in all, the event was really good and informative.

Heal Your Gut, Feed Your Brain and Supercharge Your Immune System!

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