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10 Drape Sarees You Ought to Have for Comfort this Festive Season!

As the festive season approaches, one is likely to wonder whether to go for sheer comfort or sublime style.


A time when celebrations are in order is around the corner while we are still in the midst of a global pandemic. Even when these are hard times, the CoViD-19 outspread doesn’t mean any festive season at all. It simply means a festive season of responsible partying and merrymaking where we don’t forget the health safety guidelines.

As the festive season approaches, one is likely to wonder whether to go for sheer comfort or sublime style. In the face of such a dilemma, one often submits to the desire to make a fascinating style statement or simply catch everyone’s eye. However, the choice is particularly a difficult one for the women who intend to drape saree to a party which is peculiar because it is much more intricate than any other party outfit. Intricacy and fine-detailing are what fills a saree with sheen and makes the attire exude oomph.

Fortunately, this festive season you need not choose between comfort and fashionable or classy and stylish. A number of drape sarees that are not just categorically debonair but also entirely comfortable have made their way to the market. They are certainly the ones your wardrobe needs to be decorated with. If you aren’t excited enough already, take a sneak peek. and you’ll definitely realize how these drape sarees are a blend of unparalleled charisma and exceptional repose.

1. Mouse Grey Drape Ruffle Saree: Flaunt Your Youthfulness and Vigor!

Mouse Grey Drape Ruffle Saree


A picture says a thousand words but this dazzling drape saree makes for a sight that says more than a mere thousand. Ravishing ruffles at the bottom with an intricately embellished silk blouse, the attire is simply a rendezvous of ease and grace. Since the other fabrics used are crepe and georgette, the winsome drape saree is effortless to carry while you choose to belong to the spirit of celebration and party.

Its mouse grey colour and intelligent design certainly let you be at your best, leaving very little for you to worry about.

2. Light Wine Drape: Be Charming and Classy!


Light Wine Drape

This unique drape saree and decorated blouse with frilled collars combine to make the enchanting ensemble that celebrates the grace of womanhood. The very essence of this dress lies in intricate meticulous embellishments so it is definitely one for festive revelry and merrymaking.

During the festive season, and attire like this light wine drape means you have the ability to surprise a lot of people with your flamboyance and quite a style statement. Moreover, the attire has been designed with fine georgette and splendid silk which make it really light and comfortable. So wearing it means you get to look fashionable without a lot of worries.

3. Medium-Slit Ice Blue Drape: Look Sassy yet Sophisticated!


Medium-Slit Ice Blue Drape

If you cannot make a choice between the cheeky and the classy, then this drape is perhaps the best answer. As a winsome dress, it allows you to tread neatly between the sassy and sophisticated. While a blouse with fine detailing is what helps you look regal, the ice-blue colour and medium-slit mean you get to define classy in your own way.

Besides this beautiful attire comes with an enhanced ‘ease of wearing’ which might not be very apparent. Yet it is like a piece of art that is created with a lot of effort only to achieve an effortless look.

4. Light Blue Embroidered Ruffled Saree: Flaunt that Boat Neck Blouse!

light blue embroidered ruffled Saree

The light blue drape saree has a lot about it which makes it a sweet sight for anyone’s eye. Ruffles in silk crepe base, nakli embroidery work and its light blue colour make it the perfect one for any festivity. In it, you can boast your womanhood and the sophistication which comes along with it.

It is a must for your wardrobe if your way of partying is to keep it classy and still be sassy. The dress allows you to have a blast and be a part of all the celebration without causing any hassles!

5. Off-White One Shoulder Drape Saree: Steal the Show with Simple and Serene!


Off-White One Shoulder Drape Saree
Aakriti Rana in Off-White One Shoulder Drape Saree

Minimalism and simplicity have undoubtedly been personified using this classy drape saree. Simple elements such as single-cape sleeve and fine embroidery blend particularly well to create a radiant sight. You need this dress for festive occasions where a majestic and charming look is required.

Off-white colour along with a fitting design means you are like to find that this party dress is both comfortable and cool!

6. Light Pink Garaara Drape Saree: Celebrate the Femininity in You!


Light Pink Garaara Drape Saree

If you ever intend to wear a garaara to a party, it just has to be this gorgeous one. In georgette and silk base with sequins and resham embroidery, the light pink drape is as adorable as its colour. Elegantly embellished edges highlight the beauty of its design as they celebrate and rejoice the feminine spirit.

At a party, you’re likely to catch everyone’s attention while wearing this dazzling drape. It is really the dress one cannot help but look at with awe and flattery.

7. Mehendi Green Drape Saree: Retro Fashion meets Recent Vogue


Mehendi Green Drape Saree

As a dazzling drape saree with French knots, the beautiful outfit weds the ‘ethnic’ with the ‘modern’ and the ‘retro’ with the ‘recent’. Its presence in your wardrobe means that you have a dress with which you can celebrate in style and yet retain nobility and stately dignity.

Since the attire has been crafted comes in a silk georgette base, it comes easy on your skin and lets you feel cosy while you celebrate. All that stays on your mind is party, music, dance and celebration instead of discomfort.

8. Rose Gold Drape Saree: Carry Yourself Boldly!


Rose Gold Drape Saree

The rose gold drape saree in lycra base redefines both fashion and comfort. While it does so, you are free to put on a confident look and impress everyone around. A skillfully embellished blouse of the same colour with Katori and sequin embroidery means you are likely to exude charm and beauty while wearing this exquisite ensemble.

Moreover, the design takes care of your comfort and ease too. You can carry the dress effortlessly with a lot of pride!

9. Off-White Drape: Sterling like a Pearl!

Off-White Drape

A cape over the white drape is supposed to keep it such that you can achieve a minimalist yet absolutely stylish look. The embellishments on the cape certainly make the whole attire all the more regal and charming. This drape ensemble is amongst those which you wear at parties where you choose to stay sophisticated.

In a sterling colour and splendid design, the dress is quite a one for your wardrobe. During the festive season, you wear it on a number of occasions and be the very definition of grace and elegance.

10. Deep Maroon Drape: Inspire Confidence and Emanate Charm!


Deep Maroon Drape

With the stylish sequin-detailed blouse, the gorgeous outfit is as charismatic as a piece of clothing can be; even otherwise, the whole attire undoubtedly emanates gusto and charm. Being flamboyant inside such a dress at a party makes you realize being in the vogue is not necessarily about carrying something complicated or heavy. Drape sarees like this one are easy to wear and still enhance your fashion statement.

Besides a maroon drape is how you stay passionate about a festivity and celebrate it in style. With such outfits out there to be brought, gone are the days when you had to compromise your comfort for fashion and style!

The Author – The above article is contributed by JADE’s founder, Ashima who fosters an ever-growing interest in Indo-Western fashion. The fashion enthusiasts and entrepreneur desires to extend her services by ensuring quality and client satisfaction.

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