Rising Incidences of Heart Failure in India

India is growing and so are the diseases in India. The entire country is going through a rapid urbanization shift and thus the lifestyle is also changing rapidly. Sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical activity are adding diseases into our system. And one of the major disease among this is hypertension which further adds to cardiovascular diseases. Presently, one-fifth deaths in India is because of cardiovascular diseases and by 2020 it is predicted that one-third death will be because of cardiovascular diseases. As per the rough estimate, there are approx. 45 million patients who suffer from coronary artery diseases in India.

Now, let’s begin by first understanding what’s a heart failure?? Heart Failure is not a condition when the heart has completely stopped. Heart failure is a condition when the heart is not able to pump enough blood so that it moves throughout your body. And that increases the pressure on the heart and that’s why you get a sudden cardiac arrest.

Now, it’s really important to diagnose your body regularly. Doesn’t matter you are suffering from any health issues or not, you need to regularly diagnose yourself. Just get your full body health checkup done and then you will come to know if you are suffering from anything severe.

But let me tell you what are some of the most common symptoms of heart failure –


This is the most common and obvious symptom of heart failure. When your blood pressure is too high and you are sweating all over and unable to breathe then this is a sign that you are suffering from a heart defect.

2. Swollen Body Parts

Sometimes less blood in your kidneys or liver causes water to retain there. As a result of which your legs, feet and hands are swollen. So, this is a slow observation but this way anyone can detect a possible heart failure

3. Dizziness, fatigue, Weakness

Less Blood in your body can make you feel weak and tired. Thus, if you are regularly feeling tired and weak then you need to get yourself diagnosed immediately.

4. Rapid or Irregular heartbeats

When there is too much of pressure on your heart then you can hear rapid or irregular heartbeat which is one of the major symptoms of cardiovascular diseases.

Even if you don’t see any of these above symptoms then also the best is to meet a healthcare professional and get your full body checkup done.

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Written by Pallavi Bose

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