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Rice Water For Hair: How to Make it and Benefits

Wash your hair using the rice water and have feet length shiny long hair.

rice water for hair
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When I used to hear people talking obsessively about the benefits of fermented rice water, I would go through numerous videos on YouTube to cross-check if any of it was even true. Most of these videos claimed that it does work, so I decided to try it out myself and deliver the verdict, and the results shockingly worked in my favour.

This miraculous hair care routine goes back to China as it was practised by the Yao women who used to wash their hair using the rice water and have feet length shiny long hair. Are you curious to know what are the benefits that I observed and how to prepare rice water? Here’s all you need to know!

Rice Water Preparation and Usage:

  1. Take 3 spoons of rice
  2. Half cup water
  3. Wash the rice using the water and drain it.
  4. Pour fresh half cup water and transfer it into the container. Make sure you cover it with a lid and leave it overnight for the rice to ferment.
  5. Next morning strain the mixture and transfer the water into the spray bottle
  6. Now detangle your hair by brushing it and spray the rice water generously
  7. You can again brush your hair to make sure the water is spread out evenly and tie your hair in a bun.
  8. Keep it on for 15-20 mins and then wash it off with a mild shampoo. You can also use a conditioner only if you think it’s necessary


Before using it is best to do a patch test to avoid any mishaps. What works for me may not work for you, so the best way to decide is to prepare a small batch and do a patch test.

Usage and Benefits:

You can use rice water for your hair once or twice a week to get complete results depending upon how your hair reacts to it. If it’s as normal as your hair is after shampoo, you can definitely shift to twice a week.

Any hair care routine you plan to make a part of your hair care days should be followed consistently without fail. One of the biggest mistakes I committed was not following something religiously but expecting the results to be in my favour. But with rice water, I observed over a month, and below are the benefits that I experienced.

1. Thicker Hair

My hair has definitely gotten thicker as I religiously applied it once every week. My hair type is usually thin, and I have tried numerous products in the hope of seeing it grow thick, and nothing worked so far. Rice water has worked effectively for my hair type, but consistent use should be kept in mind before expecting the same results.

2. Gained Shine

My hair has gained its shine, and there’s no denying this one. Due to the usage of harsh shampoos, my hair had lost all its lustre and was going duller by the day. When I started using rice water, I observed the difference in shine, and my hair looked much healthier than before.

3. Decrease in Hair-fall

A decrease in excessive hair-fall is one of the things I noticed first. Due to the pandemic and recent shift in my location for over a year, the quality of my hair has surely deteriorated. The change in the quality of water lead to hair-fall, and for that, I had tried many brands that make personalised kits to help you combat your hair care problems. But after spending a lot of money and time, I noticed it was doing no good to my hair. Regular use of rice water has surely helped me with this problem.

4. Smoother Hair

Consistent usage of rice water made my hair smoother than ever after every wash. To make out the difference, I used both mild and harsh shampoo on two different days and yes, using a milder one has its own effect on your hair, while the harsher one dried my scalp and made it flaky.

So far, these are the benefits that I have experienced from using this technique for my hair. Now let’s talk about the other benefit that you will experience in the long run if you be consistent with this hair care regime.

If we go back to the history of this hair care regime, it was seen that the Yao women could keep the original colour of their hair intact without premature or mature greying till the time they reached the age of 80. They gave the credit for this to consistent bathing in rice water.

Have you tried this hair care routine? If so, let’s discuss your experience.

What do you think?

Written by Urvashi

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