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Realisations the Pandemic Hit Us With

We all are now craving moments when we could step out anytime and be with our loved ones.

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Ever since the pandemic became a part of our lives, it not only exposed a weak system but also opened our eyes to moments or experiences we never took seriously. Being in the second year of this pandemic where things even today don’t seem fine, we all are now craving moments when we could step out anytime and be with our loved ones. I am sure you would agree that it has been a year or so of so many realisations hitting us, making us aware that life is inevitable and every day counts and most of it is important! 

1. Made us aware of our privileges 

Life before the pandemic was just hustled with no awareness of how far we have come, what we have, and how things that we own make our life better, filling it with uncountable blessings. The pandemic was a wake-up call to this. Things that were easy or we hardly even acknowledged their existence suddenly became prominent and non-negotiable. 

One of my biggest realisations is that the things we have are only the things we NEED, and we all should be thankful today that we can reach out to them in times of need. This pandemic wasn’t the same for everyone as many didn’t have the privilege to be home, be safe, but they had to go out and earn the food at the end of the day.

2. Importance of family and feeling of togetherness

The pandemic has cancelled a lot of our plans and almost halted activity in cases. We were suddenly home, and everything took a 360-degree turn. The rush of life had made us slaves, and before the pandemic, we let everything come between that “small vacation” we have been planning to take with our significant other for ages, meeting our friends, or planning a trip with our family. Being surrounded by family all this while made us realise how important family is, bonding is, and the togetherness of those who matter to you.

3. Importance of being healthy, both physically and mentally

The virus exposed how weak our immunity system is and made us question the build of our body and the kind of food we consume. Most of us ignore crucial aspects of our physical and mental well-being due to our schedule. The pandemic made us aware of the importance of health, and how we live dictates our well-being. I saw a change in this pattern in my circles. People started to take things more seriously by talking about the importance of a healthy diet, yoga, meditation, therapy, etc., and I only hope this remains the same. 

4. Importance of everyday outdoor activities

When things were usual and going out didn’t make us insecure, we craved to stay back at home and tried cancelling as many plans as possible. Today we have realised that there has to be a balance. Your social life is as important as your family time. Creating a balance is what we seek now and not just being on any one side. Outdoor activities are equally important to maintain structure in our lives as they keep us engaged in activities that keep us sane.

5. Importance of a good laugh with friends

A good laugh at the end of the day is what we need to recover from all the tiredness, and it’s even more special when it comes to meeting friends and talking about every possible thing by recalling those good old days. Soon birthdays and weddings became video calls, and now we realise the importance of every small event that we get to spend with the people that make us laugh a little harder. Though we can connect with friends digitally, that feeling of having a good laugh by meeting in person makes it memorable.

But as the second peak has passed and we see the curve flattening, we must not forget the battle we had to fight to reach this stage. The fight against covid-19 is still on, and we cannot let our guards down due to the relaxations knowing that an ominous cloud of a 3rd wave is just around the corner. To turn these realisations into reality, we must maintain and follow covid appropriate behaviour at all costs.

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Written by Urvashi

With a degree in media science, I spend most of my time writing, trying to explore the content world with a wish to make it big someday!


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