Reading Resolutions? Here Are Some Book Suggestions to Start With

Is reading one of your resolutions for this year? Well then why wait it’s time you act on it. Reading is an activity of indulging yourself in to some created world and by far leaving behind a reality that we live in. There is just something magical and overwhelming that the books take you through. For the new readers or the ones’ who once read and now would like to start again, chaos is all about which book to pick. The task of choosing a book can be quite daunting with the diverse genres available. One has to know the interests she has or towards what her inclination is -fiction, non-fiction or self help. Developing a reading habit is tiring but gradually once you start you will nurture it.

Here’s what you can begin with

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

Set in the districts of Kabul, Afghanistan, this novel revolves around Amir and his journey of what he has become now. The backdrop of the story is Amir’s friendship with Hassan and the relationship with his father. This story takes you through a plethora of emotions of love friendship and family bond. An emotional and heartfelt story of betrayal and redemption, Kite runner will have you glued to it.

Malgudi days by R.K Narayan

This book is a compilation of 32 short stories revolving around the lives of people in the nineties living in an imaginary town called Malgudi in South India. R K Narayan’s portrayal of the town might seem quite familiar with the villages we have and also the way life goes around.  With a simple, witty and a funny manner, this book makes you feel right there with the characters experiencing joy , sadness and  social taboos. The endings of these stories are quite unusual and not so typical which leaves you into thinking of so many possibilities. If nostalgia’s hitting hard and you would love to dive into some of your childhood memories, then this book is a complete package.

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Looking for motivation and a bit of control over your mind and emotions, this book is a start. Dale Carnegie first book and a best seller, this book is a practical guide to making oneself better and understanding people around you. It explains how positivity can influence people and how you can win people to your ways of thinking. The takeaway from this book primarily is to try seeing things from other’s view – simply just empathize and you will understand them better.

Train to Pakistan by Khushwant  Singh

A highly acclaimed novel set in 1947 during the partition of India and Pakistan. The story illustrates  a remote village along the Indo-Pak border namely Mano Majra- a habitat of mostly Sikhs and Muslims with a railway station , a bungalow, , a mosque and a temple as its highlights. The storyline is about a dacoit named Jugga and his love interest Nooran – a Muslim girl. The main characters of the plot are Jugga , Nooran , Iqbal and Hukum Chand. Insignificant to the happenings in the country, this village gradually faces the reality of the division. Although this book is fictional, yet Khushwant Singh’s writing makes it next to real to what it had actually happened during the migration of Hindus and Muslims to their newly declared countries. A simple plot with a heart wrenching end, this novel takes you through those times with a testament of tragedy leaving you despondent and empathetic to the brutality people endured.

Reading definitely expanses a person’s knowledge, improves focus and also lets you experience the world through the characters. Books, stories, genres and authors are a complete match and if you found yourself one, choose a cozy corner, a steaming cup of coffee and let’s get started…

What do you think?

Written by Sakshi Jain

Sakshi is an avid reader, enthusiast and is on her way to discover her potential. A passionate writer focused on creating and bringing better stories out in the open. Also, can cook two minutes Maggi in ten minutes.

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