Ranveer Singh Wants To Be The ‘Husband Of The Millennium’ And He Is Right On Track. Here Is Why.

Ranveer and Deepika are the hottest couples in the town. Now that Ranveer Singh is married to the love of his life, he wants to be the ‘Husband of the Millennium’.

Ranveer says, “I have achieved the title of ‘boyfriend of the millennium’. Now I am working towards being the ‘husband of the millennium’.”

We believe that Ranveer is right on track with his goal to become ‘husband of the millennium’. After the wedding, Ranveer decided to move in with his wife, to her home in place of having her move to his home. That indeed is a step in the right direction.

Talking to Today magazine, Ranveer told that he didn’t want to ‘displace her’.

Ranveer said, “I’ve grown up seeing a marriage where the attitude is to make it work regardless of anything. A marriage is a commitment, out is not an option. So whatever you have to work through, you do.”

“The most sensible and convenient thing was for me to move into her set-up. She is comfortable there and I don’t want to displace her. I always try to give her priority”, added Ranveer.


Isn’t it the sweetest thing to do? In India, the default expectation is that the woman would leave her house and move into the man’s home when they get married. Ranveer indeed challenges that line of thinking and proved that orthodox thinking doesn’t apply to him. Husband of the Millenium, indeed!

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