Quick fix make up tips for this Monsoon by Sreenanda Shankar

So one of the most awaited seasons of the year aka monsoon is almost here! However, much as we enjoy the cool showers, it is a much dreaded season when it comes to getting the right look and make up, while skin care can be quite a daunting task as well. Just to make your job a little easier, here are some quick fix make up tips by makeover expert Sreenanda Shankar .


Lip Color:  The right lip color should not be darker than the color of your gums. Use a nude lip liner to fill out and line your lips for increasing the range of shades that can be used.nude lipstick


Eyes: Eye makeup should be done according to the shape of the eyes. Keep it light in summer. Go for metallic shades and lots of mascara.Eye Make Up


Blush:  Blush on is important during makeup for making sure that the face doesn’t look flat.Eye Shadow


Hair:  Get a hair cut that suits your hair texture and shape of the face.

And lastly, use a light powder base or bb cream to keep it as sweat free as possible for the humidity.

WSL Tips:

  • Keep your hair washed and clean. Lift it up in a bun, a messy one can give you a casual and chic look while it will surely keep the heat away.
  • Use powder blush ons and foundations instead of creamy ones.
  • Use waterproof mascaras and eye liners.
  • Keep your skin hydrated.
  • Use matte lip sticks. Finish them up with sheer gloss. Keep the color light – mostly shades of pink, beige and brown.


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