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Project Streedhan; Invest in Iron, Not Gold

Project Streedhan

Diwali is celebrated all around India with utmost enthusiasm, making it one of the grandest festival. It symbolizes newness and beginnings. From lights to jewellery, to cars and homes, Diwali is considered the most auspicious time for adding new things to life. Festivities include a very prevalent ritual of buying gold, called Dhanteras, believing that it bestows good health and fortune. But this Diwali, women of India are urged to invest in iron than gold.

Every 1 of 2 women suffer from Anaemia, that is the lack of blood in the body. Women often tend to ignore their health. Sometimes too busy keeping the welfare of their families, that such problems don’t seem too big at the time.

To cater to this issue, DSM that is Dutch State Mines, a multinational nutrition firm, launched project Streedhan. Its main is to spread awareness to women about better health and investing in their well-being.

Project Streedhan urges women to pay closer attention to their iron intake levels. This digital media campaign shows women dressed in traditional Indian festive collections, consuming iron-rich foods like watermelon, corn, fish and almonds. This powerful imagery is supplemented with a rustic background score and an interesting lyrical soundtrack. The jingle states that women want gold to feel priceless, but it’s the iron running in their veins, which makes them ‘anmol’. The central theme of the anthem is ‘loha chakh le’ meaning taste the iron. It is super catchy and helps in imbibing the message.

Another following video, ‘India’s bloody problem’, shows how women invest in Streedhan, wealth owned by women, and forget about what really matters. It shows how India is obsessed with buying expensive metals and forgets the most important one, iron. It discusses various symptoms of anaemia and how women can cure it. It has a thoughtful and interesting screenplay, theming the video on ‘real Sreedharan is your her own health’. It projects a powerful and important message for every woman in India.

This is important as well as amazing initiative for women all across India, who have apparently made it a habit to ignore their health. Putting work and family first is important and understandable, but this shouldn’t stop one from taking care of oneself. Unexpected fatigue, uncertain loss of appetite and loss of hair, now shouldn’t be blamed on a long day or weather. Take this opportunity of the festival to gift yourself this Diwali, a promise to look after your health and invest in iron, eliminating anaemia from India altogether.
Stay healthy, stay fit.
Happy Diwali

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Written by Pallavii Gupta

I am a writer and blogger from Delhi. I love writing about social issues, travel, fashion, and entertainment. Letters can make a difference, words can change lives.
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