Priyanka Chopra Reveals Nick, Joe, Sophie and Her Mother’s Reaction When A Portal Called Her “Global Scam Artist”

Ever since Priyanka Chopra announced married American pop singer Nick Jonas, she has been a constant target of brutal online trolls and slamming. Be it her lavish wedding or the 10 years age gap between her and Nick, Priyanka has been criticized left and right. She faced racist and misogynist comments not just from people enjoying anonymity behind their computer screens but also journalists working for famous publications.

One such journalist even stooped down so low to call Priyanka a “Global Scam Artist”. As per the article published by “The Cut”, Priyanka Chopra allegedly tricked a naive and young Jonas into a lifelong commitment.

The article with the headline “Is Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’s Love for Real?” by “The Cut” showed Priyanka Chopra in poor light. It, however, was taken down by the magazine after it faced backlash for being racist, misogynist and highly biased against Priyanka.

At that point in time, Priyanka refrained from commenting on the article as she was enjoying her days as a newly wed. Priyanka said that she was in a happy place and didn’t want to comment.

But now Priyanka has finally opened up on how her mother, husband Nick, brother in law Joe, sister in law Sophie reacted to the atrocious article by “The Cut” calling her a global scam artist.

In a recent interaction with Sunday Times, the 36 years old actress revealed that both Chopra and Jonas families were extremely livid over the article.

“I didn’t comment on it at the time. But I went up to the hotel room to find Nick, Joe (Jonas), Sophie (Turner) and my mum (Madhu Chopra) furiously responding to the article on their phones. They were like, ‘These b*******! How dare they?’ I thought, ‘I’m having a great moment, nothing is going to burst my bubble’.”

At the point in time, when the article made it to the online magazine, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner did react and posted this on twitter-

The article received such widespread criticism from people that the writer of the article Mariah Smith came forward with a public apology.

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