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Prabhudas Lilladher launches “Wealth for Women”

After the successful run of the BETA version launched in March 2021, Prabhudas Lilladher launched the Wealth for Women product on International Women’s Day. The company also launched its #StockMarketsAreEqual initiative on social media.

Prabhudas Lilladher Wealth for Women

Prabhudas Lilladher (PL) with a legacy spanning over 75 years, announced the launch of its “Wealth For Women” portfolio on International Women’s Day.

Wealth for Women is a diversified portfolio that gives women exposure to various asset classes such as domestic and international equities, gold and fixed income instruments. It uses its proprietary quant model to invest in the right asset at the right time. The portfolio manages risks and generates sustainable returns across bull and bear market cycles by dynamically adjusting its asset allocation. The quant-based approach helps to reduce human bias and errors in asset selection and quantum of allocation.

This portfolio is for every single Indian woman, whether she is working as a lawyer or a nurse, or as a marketing professional or a teacher, or running her own business as an entrepreneur or is a homemaker.

Mrs. Amisha Vora, Jt. MD, Prabhudas Lilladher said, “The portfolio is made for women and made by women at PL. The idea is to convert a women’s savings into wealth. We know that women work very hard to earn and save their money, that’s why we at PL want to make that money work for them as well through the Wealth for Women Portfolio.

Today’s women have understood the real meaning of investment lies beyond fixed deposits and gold. If their hard-earned money is not invested wisely, inflation will erode the purchasing power of their money. Our aim is to enable women to transition from being cautious savers to being great investors and benefit from the long term capital appreciation by prudent investment across multiple financial assets. This product will not just give women financial independence but also promote inclusive growth of our financial markets”

Mr. Siddharth Vora, Head of Quant Investment Strategies, Prabhudas Lilladher said, “Staying true to its objective of growing investor wealth in bull runs and protecting investor’s capital in bear markets, since its inception on 1st April, 2021, the Wealth for Women portfolio has outperformed Nifty50 and given a return of 8.3% as compared to Nifty50’s 6.7%.”

Women can invest in Wealth for Women with a minimum investment of INR 25,000/- and is easily accessible on digital platforms like Smallcase and Wealthdesk. It takes just a few simple clicks on to start their wealth creation journey. If you are an existing PL client, you can invest at

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, PL team also launched their #StockMarketsAreEqual initiative. It’s based on the premise that ‘Societies may favour a certain sex, but the stock markets never take sides’.

For eg, if a man or woman both invest INR 10,000 in the same stock at the same time and exit at the same time – They make the same returns

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