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Residents of Hiranandani, Thane, have a reason to rejoice as now they can read their favorite intra-community magazine- ‘POWWow’ on a digital platform. This comes after POWWOW collaborates with WhatSHELikes (WSL).

In modern society, community spirit exists to a far lesser degree than it was a decade or two ago! Families are much more scattered now and it is possible to live next door to your neighbors for a long time without ever getting to know their names or what they do for a living. People complain about having absolutely no interaction among themselves. Hence, they seek solace through social media that endows them the feeling of being connected. But it fails to provide specific information about the people residing nearby, events taking place around the community, views of people on day-to day issues. However, to fill in that gap, POWWOW has its community magazine that highlights all facets of life. Taking this noble initiative further, POWWOW and WSL, a platform for women to explore and glorify their life and rediscover themselves, collaborate to make this magazine digital.

Harbingers of change

The Mega township residential communities like Hiranandani estate, Rodas and Hiranandani Meadows are teeming with happiness. The residents have money, social status, swanky apartments, fancy cars and pricey pets! Which of-course, they have earned by dint of their hard work and arduous efforts. Prior to this initiative, what lacked in in their lives was the social connect among themselves. People here were in need of applause for their achievements and a consoling pat on their shoulders when they are cascading through testing times. They yearned for a platform to share their success stories and guidance if they aren’t doing well! This is when the POWWOW magazine came into the picture and changed their lives. Taking a step further, now POWWOW and WSL will be relentlessly working towards establishing a unity in diversity digitally. Now, the latest happenings in the vicinity is just a click away with the magazine going digital

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