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Popular K-Beauty Brand, Peripera Launches Exclusively on Maccaron

Catering to the core of K-beauty, Peripera presents beauty items with the hottest trends of the moment.

Peripera Brand Image

Maccaron Beauty, the number 1 beauty community commerce in India is delighted to announce that the brand has widened its offerings with one of the most popular Korean beauty brands, Peripera now exclusively available on the official Maccaron Beauty app and website. Maccaron is thrilled to get Peripera to India for the first time. Shop one of the best K-beauty cosmetic brands exclusively on at the best price ever!

Catering to the core of K-beauty, Peripera presents beauty items with the hottest trends of the moment. Enjoy 100% authentic Peripera products available at the best price and exclusive offers only on Maccaron Beauty.

About Peripera

Peripera was first launched in Korea in 2005 by Clio cosmetics. The brand embodies the sensibility of hip makeup lovers who enjoy the innovative quality and trendy designs. The brand promises to bring instant beauty at an affordable price. Peripera is a holistic beauty brand that recreates the magic of the lovely beauty alchemist, peri, with modern technology. The brand naming was derived from the ancient Persian fairy named “Peri” who carried a magic pouch named “Pera”.

The collection offers a wide range of beauty must-haves to experiment with your looks and explore your style with Peripera. The tempting designs and playful packaging will make it hard for you to keep your hand off of their new collection. Have a look at some of Peripera’s best sellers available on Maccaron:

PeriPera best sellers available on the app

Ink Tint:

PeriPera Ink Tint Serum

This is the best selling lip colouration that lasts for hours, it has fluffy and soft whipped cream wrapping and powerfully long-lasting ink. This product gives a clear and rich colouration to your lips, the colour that remains faithful till the end. Fluffy and dense whipped cream texture sinks between fine lines of lips for a smooth adherence.

Ink Black Cara:

This product gives a long-lasting curl with volume curling that never droops. It is a smudge-free ink lasting. This product is for those whose lashes keep drooping and it comes with a water-resistant formula with powerful fixing. The product comes with 3 sets of brushes, one for clear-set, long lash and volume.

Ink V-shading:

Peripera Ink V Shading

The new Contour with a 1:2:1 shading optimization with V-ratio. It is V-shaped for intricate powder particles to reflect light in all directions. Upgraded shading effect for a tidy looking face. The product comes with natural skin tones with 3 colour compositions.

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