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Pond’s New Fairness Cream – White Beauty GenWhite

Pond’s claims that this new skin lightening product can offer fairer skin very fast.

skin beauty cream
Skin Cream

Unilever’s International brand of skincare – Pond’s introduces a skincare product – white beauty in India. Pond’s claims that this new skin lightening product can offer fairer skin very fast – the immediate effect can be seen after the very first application of the cream.

Unique Formula :

Pond’s White Beauty comes with unique GenWhite TM formula which is the company’s first-ever vanishing cream formula that is proved to be an SPF20 PA++ sunscreen system. The GenWhite technology is formulated by selecting over 1000 whitening ingredients and contains special ingredients which are proven to be effective for any skin. It will not make your skin oily or heavy with sunscreen.

Ponds GenWhite
Ponds GenWhite

Melanin Pigment :

If you don’t know, skin colour depends upon melanin pigment present in the skin. Melanin pigment is synthesized by melanocytes – numbers of these cells are the same in all people but skin colour differs as the melanin content differs from woman to woman. With sunburn, melanocytes are activated to produce more pigment.

Pond’s GenWhite formula is effective to provide protection against 93% of UVB rays. As the new formulation offers the best protection against sunlight, it at the same time offers the best result as a fairness cream since it works against your skin’s natural ageing process.

Pond’s new product is expected to provide optimum results to any skin type to present more radiant, even-toned and spot-less skin within 7 days.

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Written by Smita Diwan

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