Planning Goa trip – don’t forget to meet BEBINCA, Queen of Goan Dessert

At the onset of monsoon, I was in Calangute with my crazy gang of friends. With Goa renowned for its beaches and yummy-licious food, we saw plenty of food joints at every little town ready to serve us with a relishing treat. One such café was Infantaria café at Calangute Junction, being an old and popular café you can enjoy live music while savoring the delicacies. After enjoying our dinner, we were looking at the dessert options when BEBINCA with Vanilla ice cream caught my attention. As the waiter started briefing about the dessert I couldn’t resist the temptation and decided to go for this traditional Goan delight. After sometime arrived the Queen of Goan Dessert layered in Golden Brown and complimented with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream (trust me nothing can beat this combination).BEBINCA

As I started eating, it simply melted in my mouth, and I could experience the richness of butter and coconut blended in the layered pudding. This traditional delicacy is made from coconut milk, egg yolk, flour, sugar and butter.

I loved it so much that I decided to raid the local confectionery shops and bakeries to buy Bebinca for my family back home. It isn’t really expensive; I bought a 500gm pack of Costaz’s Bebinca from Britto’s Bakery in Calangute at Rs. 160.

You must be thinking that I am exaggerating about the dish but believe me this was indeed one of the most scrumptious desserts I have ever had and if you are traveling to Goa or planning a trip, then you should definitely try Bebinca since you wouldn’t find it anywhere else.Keep eating !! keep relishing !!

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Written by Nidhi Jatania

A true gemini who loves to travel and explore new destinations and food stuff !! Movie buff and foodie !!
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