PINK: Taapsee Pannu Opens Up About Being Harassed In Her Teenage Years

Amitabh Bachchan -Taapsee Pannu’s Pink is a hard-hitting feminist film and is universally appraised in early reviews. The court-drama actress Taapsee opens about her teenage years and harassment challenges.


Taapsee opened up about struggles she’s faced with being a girl. The actress talks about being inappropriately touched by men when she was a college-going teenager. Just like another college-going girl, Taapsee too had been in such situations where eye-teasing is a daily thing.

Taapsee faced such harassment issues thinking it was her mistake because we girls are fed with such beliefs. So when that happened to her, she started running instead of raising her voice against it.


The actress feels it is tragic that the issue of gender inequality is still being deliberated upon. She says, “A list of dos and dont’s are only for us women and not men.”

Taapsee Pannu

It is so true that only we women have to face such struggles. And most of the times, instead of raising our voices or being outraged by such behaviour, we start running from it. We hide behind making ourselves at fault thinking “I should not have worn that dress” or “I came to a wrong place” and such more beliefs. BUT NO, it is not our fault. Stand-up for yourself and don’t let such people stop you from being yourself.

We believe, Taapsee has a powerful message with a movie like PINK

 We can’t wait to see it!

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Written by Vishakha Bhatia

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