Pick for Pimples Pond’s Pimple-Clear White Facial Wash

Pond’s, an American company since twentieth century, has made its mark in the market for cosmetic products. It has survived tough competition in the Indian market with other companies for more than two decades. And now it has recently launched the Pond’s Pimple-Clear White Facial Wash to help young women and girls fight away pimples.

Pimples are quite common among teenagers and college students. But there are several working women in their late thirties and early forties who have tries several products but still have a tough time dealing with pimples. Now the question is how can this new product make a difference?

The Pond’s Pimple-Clear White Facial Wash guarantees the removal of 10 problems related to oily skin and pimples. One of its powerful ingredients is the oil-absorbing herbal clay that clears the dirt and free radicals keeping the skin fresh and youthful. The salicylic formula removes the pimple forming bacteria. How about some extra benefits? The soothing gentle beads in this face wash help remove both blackheads and whiteheads. The product also helps in removing scars, smoothen a rough skin and also tightens the pores. The price of the product is Rs.75.

This product brings several benefits one tube. Though it acts specifically on pimples, it brings many other added benefits. This new product can also be used for preventing the appearance of pimples. There are women who have already started enjoying the benefits. However, we are still hoping for the best.

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