Pawanmuktasana/Wind Relieving Pose Benefits

Pawanmuktasana is the Sanskrit word made up with the three Sanskrit words Pawan (wind), Mukta(to release), Asana(Posture)= Pawanmuktasana (wind relieving posture). The name itself clears Pawanmuktasana refers to the poses that open up body parts to release gas in the body improving body health and removing those blockages of mind that prevent the energy from flowing freely. There are many magical benefits performing this asana. Pawanmuktasana is a great asana to release toxins and abdominal gas. It is a great counterpose for Chakrasana. The back is released and relaxed in this Wind-relieving pose. This reclined posture can be done easily by everyone. The Swadhisthana and Anahata chakra are subtly affected.

First we will see how to do step by step Pawanmuktasana.

Step by step Pawanmuktasana

(Ardha Pawanmuktasana)

1. Lie on the back, stretching legs straight and relax.

2. Raise your right leg upto 60 degree, keep your right leg stretched and while Bend your right knee and bring the thigh to the chest.

3. Interlock the fingers and clasp the hands on the shin(lower front portion of the leg) just below the right knee.

4. Keep the left leg straight and on the ground.

5. Raise the head and shoulders off the ground and without straining bring the right knee to the nose.

6. Remain in the final position for a few seconds.

7. Release the pose step by step slowly lowering the neck, hands and lastly right leg.

8. Relax the body.

9. Repeat with the left leg.

(Purna Pawanmuktasana)

10. Now bend both knees and bring the thighs to the chest.

11. Interlock the fingers and clasp the hands on the shin bones just below the knees.

12. Raise the head and shoulders and try to place the nose in the space between the two knees.

13. Hold the raised position for a few seconds focus on the abdomen, neck and back.

14. Slowly release the pose lowering the head, shoulders and legs.

15. Practice this 3 times.

16. Relax the body

Physical Awareness- The abdominal pressure, neck.

Benefits of Pawanmuktasana

1. Supta Pawanmuktasana strengthen the lower back muscles.

2. It loosens the spinal vertebrae.

3. It massages the abdomen and the digestive organs.

4. Very effective asana in removing wind and constipation.

5. By massaging the pelvic muscles and reproductive organs, it is also useful for impotence, sterility and menstrual problems.

6. Tones the leg muscles and improve the blood circulation around the vein.

7. Removes excess fat around the lower abdomen, chest and hips.

8. Best asana for weak back, stiff neck, tight chest, fallen shoulders, stiff varicose veins and weak abdominal muscles.

9. Blood circulations is increased to all the internal organs.

10. Best asana for people with indigestion, constipation, acidity, excess wind or gas, lack of appetite, diabetes, disorder of the male or female reproductive systems.

11. It also eliminates energy blockages in the abdominal area.

12. It Creates space for the fresh air in the body to create maximum utilisation of the bodily resources.


1. Should be avoided by persons suffering from high blood pressure.

2. Should be avoided by person with serious back conditions such as sciatica and slipped disc.

3. Avoid this asana if there is recent abdominal surgery is done, because lot of pressure on abdomen.

4. Should be avoided persons suffering from piles and hernia.

5. Pregnant women should avoid this asana.

It’s the simple things that can make a big difference. Similarly, the practice of Pawanmuktasana is relaxing and energising, as it prepares us for the next practice. Everytime we hold an asana, chemicals are released, neuron connections are formed. Some are more subtle than the others.

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