Paris Guide: Active Leisure, Entertainments and Night Life

Paris takes a special place among other European cities. French capital is inimitable. It charm and beauty fascinate tourists, making them to come back. Paris does not need advertising. People come here to get some positive and good rest. Why Paris? At first, this is a city of unique architectural monuments. Secondly, this is a place of different entertainments for you and your kids. Paris is a city of restaurants, design boutiques, museums and Zoo. A lot of sport events and fashion shows tale place here. Where to start?Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 1.24.45 pm

Image Source (Eiffel Tower)

Disney Land
As a matter of fact, Paris Disney Land is the best entertaining center for kids and adults. Many people like visiting this fairy place – massive park, which includes a hundreds of attractions, cafes, shops and little zone parks. There are many hotels on the park territory. So, it is not a problem to spend a couple of days in this popular place.Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 12.18.14 pm

Aquaboulevard de Paris
Do you like water attractions? If you really like them, you may try visiting popular Paris aqua park Aquaboulevard. It looks like a real tropical island with numerous water falls, water hills and geysers. There are many restaurants here. So, you can spend the whole day in the park, enjoying sunny atmosphere and active leisure.Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 1.24.51 pm

Image Source ( Aquaboulevard )

This is the best-visiting place in Paris. You can learn everything about the latest achievements and developments in the sphere of visual technologies. Watching films in the end of excursion is more than informative.

Zoo de Vincennes
Paris Zoo is one of the most interesting in Europe. More than 50 000 of visitors come to watch the animals in the wild. The idea of this natural Zoo was successful. Actually, this is a huge territory, which includes a lot of stylistic open-air cages, imitating wild nature – natural living conditions of all animals. More than 1200 animals live here at the moment.

Park Asterix
ParisAsterix is a popular attractions park in Paris that was created according to the world-famous comic character Asterix. This place is situated 30km driving from the city. Of course, the most comfortable way to get there is hiring car in Paris. Anyway, this is an exciting adventure over six main historical periods of the Ancient Gaul, including fantastic attractions, shows, and cinema.Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 1.24.59 pm

Image Source: (Park Asterix)

Belleville Park& Base Ground
As you can see, the park is placed on Belleville Hill. It occupies a territory of 1000 square meters, opening the beautiful views. Frankly speaking, this is the smallest park in the city. All it has is huge waterfall with fountain, and 1200 kinds of trees. Speaking about family rest, Belleville territory offers to visit a big sport ground for kids and active parents – Base, pin-pong field, and open-air theatre. There is a House of Air. All exhibits are connected with environmental problems. There are many flowers in the park.

Paris Market
If you like shopping, you should come to the popular junk market in Paris – Saint-Ouen. It is famous of the big choice of antique furniture, and clothes of the ancient antiquity: charming hats, shoes, and goffering. Come and see! Try to be active to do the best shopping.

Porte de Vincennes
Aristocratic Paris has enough space for the modern street art. There is one quiet street not far from Porte de Vincennes metro station: graffiti artists like spending their time here. You can walk down the street and watch the interesting wall pictures of different styles and thematic. Bright and living, they make a long gallery in the open air.

Pons&Huot Office Center
Do you want to see something unusual? Do you still active? You should go to Pons&Huot Office Center. This is a unique place, where all working places are equipped with the glassy ceilings, live trees, bushes and roomy space. Every next working place is covered with the glassy sphere, taking care of noise prevention. The office center is available to visit for tourists and anybody who wants to enjoy the unusual office.

Denfert-Rochereau Catacombs
If you are still active, try to go underground to walk down the popular city catacombs. You should go to Denfert-Rochereau metro station – here is the entrance. It is hidden in the special pavilion, not far the famous lion sculpture. There is an interesting museum in catacombs and many other exciting places as a part of your excursion tour.

Le Chateaubriand
If you are a gourmand, never miss visiting Le Chateaubriand bistro. This humble restaurant is not popular among tourists. Clients are offered to have a meal of five dishes. Each of them is a peak of the art of cooking. The prices are always democratic here. So, this is the best place for active and economical.

Mouling Rouge
This is the most popular night establishment in Paris. It is considered to have the best-organized entertaining show. There are many thematic parties here. So, if you want to listen to music, enjoy the bright show – welcome to Moulin Rouge.8171296730_e8d0637645_c

Image Source (Mouling Rouge)

La Chapelle des Lombards
The night club La Chapelle des Lombards offers to listen to music of all progressive directions. Every evening is different: salsa parties take place every week. If you prefer tango to salsa, you are welcomed on Saturday. The choice of cocktails in the local bar is wide.

Le Batofar
Look at this bright ship-light. The night club Le Batofar is a real ship that was restored and renewed in a form of night club. There is a big dancing zone here. The command bridge is full of tables and cozy sofas. You can dance, drink and enjoy the panoramic city views.14484252635_84fd129843_c

Image Source (Le Batofar)

As it was told before, to reach all interesting places you should rent car. Nevertheless, French people like cycling. The biggest cycling rent project was realized in Paris. There are many bicycles standing at the metro stations all over the city. You may use any of them to get to somewhere. Special terminals are situated every 300 meters from one another. Try to use bicycle from time to time and stay active!

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